Performance By Industry Focus:

Zieltraffic AG launches affiliate network Affiliando Munich, October 11, 2010 assigns the Zieltraffic AG immediately with its own affiliate network at: Affiliando ( is in contrast to the big networks on three industries focused finances, health and career. The number of affiliates Affiliando is a relatively small, all the more powerful for that network. Already nearly 40 partner programs are offered at the start of Affiliando. Affiliando is positioned internationally and can be used also for Multilingual campaigns. “Affiliate programs is almost always the 20/80 rule: 20% of affiliates make up 80% of the success of an affiliate program”, explains Wolfgang Vogt, CEO of Zieltraffic AG and there responsible for affiliate marketing. Today it is therefore vital to identify the powerful top affiliates, and to focus on building long-term and close cooperation. It required three aspects: embossed out the profound industry expertise, Service provider mentality to the affiliates, as well as modern technology.

All this is guaranteed at Affiliando.” Win-win situation: Merchants and affiliates benefit both by the industries focusing on Affiliando just how bright is an important reason for the industries focusing: focusing on core businesses enables Zieltraffic to build highly specialized industry expertise. This benefits both merchants and affiliates. The selection of the sectors does not come by about. We have found that the set screws in the online sales, as well as the affiliate resemblance exhibit structure of the 3 sectors.”explained Vogt the industry focus. Merchants improve on Affiliando campaign efficiency and sales results: in addition to the sales strength of the top affiliates programs through Affiliando scattering losses remain small. The online environment of used advertising can also be at Affiliando comparatively easy to control. Especially in sensitive sectors such as for example, the financial services industry it is important to ensure that the environment of the advertising material is high quality and industry-specific”, to Vogt. field. Affiliates in turn use the industry expertise of Zieltraffic in several respects: so not only technically supports the experienced affiliate team the affiliates, but is also working with the affiliate on optimal pre-sale on its Web site.

Also the company highly sales-focused production Web content offers, like for example internally developed complex comparison calculator for financial products. The integration is carried out on the affiliate websites via the freely configurable white label computer modules, or about the product data provided. In addition to numerous other offers, these free services of Zieltraffic AG aimed to improve the power of affiliates: Affiliates get everything to concentrate fully on the optimization of the sales through your site. All parties benefit from this? Affiliando relies on close cooperation with the selected Top performers: The intensive cooperation contributes with our partners to better quality control of affiliate programs. Thanks to immediate communication with our affiliates quality requirements are for the programmes clearly conveys and reliably implemented”, Vogt important also for affiliates: Affiliando improved campaign efficiency Zieltraffic is the affiliates also for modern and transparent technology in control and tracking of campaigns. Heart is the newly developed, intuitive affiliate dashboard. It serves the affiliate as a kind of management information systems. Individually configurable, it provides all important key figures at a glance. Affiliando is technically absolutely State-of-the-art. This is a further key success levers next to our industry know-how”Vogt. “About fallback fingerprint, we reach a very good tracking. Additional features such as the Bannerpooling to create your own banner rotations, or configurable content ads offer the affiliate all possibilities to the Improve sales efficiency.”