People which are visible in the frame should be removed, the presence of a person in a picture always assumes it as an actor, while the task of the photograph is quite different. Particular attention should be paid to the state of the hatch filler fuel filler, including the position of hatch covers and cork filler. 2. state interior, doors and instrument panel in the cabin subject to fixing the state of the front and rear seats, interior veneer doors, floor, dashboard and devices driving. Does not matter from which side to start taking pictures, most importantly to reflect clearly the details of the car interior, so that the pictures were informative. In case of detection of foreign objects in the cabin (such as stone, brick, container residues from the highly flammable liquids or combustible) to fix their location. In addition, it is important to fix the appearance of fragments of glass car. The presence on the ground near the ats glass fragments without a trace of soot deposition and thermal treatment may indicate the destruction of the glass cabin before the fire.

3. state trunk car This car's trunk lid is opened and produced photographs of the car trunk and its contents. Then, the contents can be removed photographed separately. Can also be recorded separate mechanisms, for one reason or another, mounted and placed in the luggage compartment (eg, connection point rear lights, buttons to enable or disable lighting, etc.). 4. Fixing the state of the engine compartment car Photographing the engine compartment car, usually begins with a general picture, which should be informative.