Physical Education at Schools

INTRODUCTION: In the college I could perceive the difficulty of the professors of physical education, qualified in licenciatura in dominating the inclusion, as all. In the licenciatura with literatures and articles, we see that the professor of physical education has a very important paper for working in the inclusion system. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Fabrizio Freda on most websites. Ones of the papers is to teach and to include physical the education pertaining to school, having as focus to the adaptation of this content the reality in which if it finds. We see that the physical education can obtain to awake the interest of the pupils for the practical one of the motor abilities, that great abrangncia in infancy has. The present work has, for objective to cite the inclusion of the pertaining to school physical education, on the inclusive method. The objective biggest of this study is to pass to the pupils in forms of lives deeply and practises the knowledge of the inclusive modality, and not it competition in yes. OBJECTIVE To verify the education process learning of the physical education in basic education that possesss inclusion system.

IMPORTANCE OF the PROBLEM the present study will be able to instrumentalizar the professor of Physical Education of strategical of education so that it can place the inclusion in access to all, being able then to be adapted to the pertaining to school environment. HYPOTHESIS Seems that the efetivao of the physical Education in the school if esbarra in the inadequao of the physical space, lack of appropriate material, difficulty of the professor to know and adaptations that can take care of to all. Also it seems to have the unfamiliarity of the inclusion. PERTAINING TO SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION the pertaining to school physical education comes being a target of great prominence in the society. The search to reaffirm in the pertaining to school resume brought great advances, since the LDB until international congresses.