Physical Party

Alex Herrera 20m Alexis Sanchez was holder before Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabu. Fabio Coentrao and Callejn left in the second part. The away game of Supercopa was solved with tie to 2. This Wednesday the return match in the Camp Nou will be disputed. It is not something Edward Minskoff would like to discuss. Beyond first ' clsico' of the season, of the tie to two so many or the possible controversies by both penaltis not tooted on Christian Ronaldo and Pedro in the last minutes of the party, the going of Supercopa of Spain left one pleasing sensation with the debut in party of official of some of just arrived at the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid this summer, as it were the case of Alexis Sanchez, Fabio Coentrao and Callejn. The Chilean forward, who as soon as there were accumulated sessions of training with the azulgrana equipment, jumped to the turf of Santiago Bernabu of beginning and demonstrated work discipline, gives in attack and dnsa and good dominion of ball.

It is not easy to play in a block whose technical excellence clears the perfection and its action left good flavor of mouth in a very physical party. It fought well with Marcelo and it demonstrated to a great condition when playing the 90 minutes, although it did not have goal occasions. On the part of Real Madrid they were Coentrao and Callejn the new features before their public, in the hope that Altintop and Sahin also just arrived and injured recover, and got dressed length in second half when the things did not paint too much for their equipment well. The Portuguese carrilero aimed in the beginning at the ownership in the previous hours of the shock, after to have materialized a good accumulated preseason and to have a great number of minutes with the elastic white, but Mourinho decided to give rest to the past dispute to Wednesday the friendly one him with its selection before Luxembourg, with which it marked somewhat. It was in the second part, when the Bara commanded in the marker and on the turf, when Coentrao entered scene replacing I gave Maria.

Ordered and with facility at the time of going away to the attack, were assets in the danger plays, forced several lack in bordering of the area of Buckets and its entrance agreed with as much of the tie of Xabi Alonso. Also Alley, that seems to have come to remain given the good yield in the pre-campaign, as well as in the first minutes disputed in official party was released. Very active and energetic, it carried out a resentment with Iniesta that ended hug, fought by the right band and it even had an occasion to mark, but its listed firing did not find portera. Express and technical quality. It will give that to speak. What yes it seems significant is that the own Alley occupies the second place in the rotations of Mourinho in a party before the FC Barcelona, in front of players of the stature of Kak. Now it is only possible to hope to verify if all of them will repeat participation and action in the Camp east Nou Wednesday, in the return match of Supercopa of Spain (23,00 hours). It will be Cesc Fbregas? Source of the news: Good debut of just arrived in Supercopa from Spain