Power Plant

How to choose a power plant. In order to correctly choose the right power should be taken into account are listed below general guidelines. 1. The choice of power plants to determine how nominal and maximum power must have your power, you must determine the total capacity of electric power consumers, which will or may be operated simultaneously. For normal operation Power is recommended that its capacity was higher by 20 – 30% compared to the total electrical power of all consumers. Practical experience of using plants suggests that the work of two – three light bulbs, refrigerators, TV on your summer cottage is enough power to 2 kilowatts.

The owner of a country cottage, which is constantly worried about shortages of electricity, you must purchase power capacity from 10 to 20 kilowatts. Builders who use a drill, grinder and concrete mixer will be sufficient electrical power to 6 kW. 2.Vybor number of phases power special attention when choosing be paid to the number of phases in the plant. Single-phase station apply to the use of single-phase electrical wiring and appliances. When using three-phase power is necessary to observe the condition approximate equality of power consumers at different phases. For normal operation, the generator of electric power differences in different phases should not exceed 20 – 25%. 3. Choose the type of engine power The next logical question – what power to choose a diesel or gasoline? The answer to this question is to what end is purchased power.

If power is needed as an emergency source for frequent intervals during off a constant supply of electricity, it would be better to pay attention to gasoline power. If the buyer intended to use power as a permanent source of uninterrupted power for a long time – it makes sense to draw attention to the diesel units, despite their higher initial cost. Station operating on gasoline fuel is much cheaper than diesel power. However, fuel costs and maintenance of power plants operating on gasoline, an order of magnitude higher than that of diesel station. Diesel power stations are divided into high-speed 3000 rev / min and low speed 1500 rev / min. If the diesel units will be operated about 500 hours a year, then you can stop choice for diesel engines with shaft speed of 3000 rev / min. With more intensive use is recommended for diesel generator with a frequency of 1500 rev / min. While at the same power output, they are more expensive, and they have an increased resource low noise level. 4.Trebovaniya on noise protection when choosing plants is necessary to consider the conditions under which it will operate. If this is an open space, construction site, the sound proofing is not required. If the application station is expected in environments where noise ratio increased demands, it is necessary to acquire the station shumozaschischennom housing. This relates to the use of indoor plants and in populated suburban communities. Before buying a serious buyer power is desirable to consult a professional engineer working in the field.