Private Garden

The garden season here we go again! How to design your garden? The temperatures are mild, the Sun is shining again often, the birds begin to Twitter and the mood rises again. It is undeniable: spring is coming and with him galloping up the gardening season! Garden owners can now enjoy, finally out into the fresh air to go and to be able to do it in the garden. The beds must be prepared for the planting in the spring and the stale autumn foliage away raked, the water pipes are turned on again and the wintered plants can finally be mothered. For the upcoming summer season you can worry then already, which highlights one accentuated his garden and makes an extraordinary oasis of peace and relaxation. Maybe with stylish LED lamps? Or a comfortable rattan deck? Rattan furniture are ideal for the garden, because the poly rattan, of which most are rattan garden furniture, is very stable and completely weatherproof. For more information see this site: sterling organization.

In addition, there are also a wide range. It doesn’t matter if it is a send rattan Lounger or just purchase a whole seating made of rattan for its terrace want, are the fantasy with no limits. The possibilities in the plant design are particularly beautiful. How would it this year to make the garden a particular motto? Black and white would be in extremely unfavourable. Maybe a cheerful red-and yellow garden with hyacinths, gerberas and tasty strawberries as a fruity note. Maybe you have desire, finally achieving the often dreamed dream of an own garden pond in a part of the garden? To create a natural paradise in the smallest space and a great piece of life for different species. (Source: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala). There are certainly many ways to make your own garden. Ultimately everyone is obliged to follow his wishes and his imagination simply. There’s finally no dogma, as has the own garden to look. Katharina Meier