Professor Gilbert Cotrim

The chapter if locks up with 08 (eight) questions proposals to the pupil, in order to evaluate its understanding of the text. History and conscience of the world? Of Daily pay-History to the Average Age (vol. 1) The referenciada workmanship, published for the Publishing company Hail, is destined to 2 segment of Basic Ensino, has as author the Professor Gilbert Cotrim, graduated History for the USP, Master in Education and History of the Culture for the Mackenzie University, graduated Philosophy for the PUC? SP and enrolled Lawyer in the OAB-SP. We use 11 edition, printed in 1997, that it is destined the study since the Daily pay History until the Average Age. The supervision of the revision was in charge of Fernanda Almeida Umile and the contribution of Ana M.

Cortazzo Silva, Ceclia B. Alves Teixeira, Mnica Rodrigues de Lima and Rosemeire Carbonari. The iconographic research was carried through by Cndido Domingues Granjeiro. The content on Average Age is distributed in a total of 60 pages, that goes since the CAP. 14 to the CAP. 21, divided of page 128 pgina188, what it approximately corresponds 31% of the total of the volume and encloses since the Bizantina Civilization the Culture in the Average Age.

However, in order to give to pursuing our proposal of a comparative analysis, we will go to restrict our boarding to the CAP. 18? Feudal system. Feudalismo (p 163) In the related chapter, the author presents the reasons that had taken the Europe occidental person to form a new social organization. Influences of elements of the germanic and Roman world, for occasion of the barbarous invasions and the decay of the Roman Empire, had forced a new social order. Elements of the Roman world, as the colonato, system of servile work, where plebeian poor persons and slaves had passed the condition of colonists in the great country properties, that the land for work under the condition to receive offered to them protection and to pay with most of the production.