Professor Miguel Jimenez Teacher

Seneca: Long is the way of teaching through theories; short and effective through examples. ELFA Viecco began his career as a teacher when he was 24 years old and came to the classrooms of the school Rodolfo Morales, after completing his studies as a normalista in Uribia. In this institution and by those times, mid-1960s, he met the real meaning of the word happiness. She was happy teaching their small and mischievous students in classes ranging from Monday until Friday. And was happy Saturday when cited with them to repair the desbaratados semi desks that were there saved in the depths of the quarter of San Alejo, without providing any service and almost terminally ill. Children worked with enthusiasm in this work directed by her young teacher, a lady who was born to educate and produce the necessary transformations in the society in which they lived.

In addition, small disciples knew that next week they would have his prize by working hard on the free day: the teacher would take them to a fun ride along the banks of the lagoon of Majupay, which would have candy, games, fun and a good stew which everyone would take a good dish with the right to repeat if they so wished. ELFA Viecco Barros was born November 14, 1942 in the family formed by Alfonso Viecco Barros and Rita Suarez Bermudez in shrimp. A few years later moved to Uribia where all he studied and in 1966 residencio in Maicao, city where would initiate a brilliant career in the world of teaching. He initially worked at Rodolfo Morales school next to a group of colleagues who knew how to guide it and instill in her the love for what he considers the most beautiful job in the world. Of that era remember the Professor Miguel Jimenez, who served as director; Jesus Gonzalez, Rita Marquez, Remedios Iguaran and Carmen Castilla and Jose Cuello Herrera.