Public Security

Other times I used this space to compose some reflections regarding the structure of public security of our country. I mainly lament the indifference with the formation of the policy professionals, basing me strict in proper experience and comments of the systems in vigor. I did not speak of the personal, constant formation of the character, the ethics, the familiar education and the regular pedagogical learning that each one brings of house, but yes of the instruction defective and archaic technician-professional given to the aspirings the guard for the academies, schools and centers of formation, in such a way national how much the spread ones for the States. With much reluctance – and for not registering advance there some of pr here -, today I come back to the subject. The short intelligence that keeps the separation of the forces of security, calling them ostensive and judiciary, if by itself consubstancia in strong burden and exacerba the situation infausta of the system of available policing however.

It stops to get worse this picture and to more still ruin the process, pssima quality of the education of the academies if daily reflects in the given services of equal nature for the policemen. He is not idle to remember that the centers of formation said military with priority teach to the candidate the police woman to be welded, that is: to react as automaton to the voice of command of the joined order; to inside understand its position of the rigid military hierarchy, lastreada in the obligation of the pipe the side and the stubborn cult to the hypothetically infallible personality of the superior. At last, they inspire in the young apprentice the set of the symbolisms that the life in caserna composes, inoculating feelings and aprestamentos to it for an improbable and chimerical war. Everything! Little doctrine of social defense and respect to the rights of the citizen.