Reading and Writing

Giving children the option to choose and seek experiences to initiate them reading and writing, are shared with adults, especially parents and mothers; why it is said that the first school of all human beings is home and parents their first teachers. Recognizes that the educational and cultural capital of the fathers and mothers in the education of the children, provides better results and serves as a support in the education of a country and is of great significance, which measures and provides the quality of readers and writers in the future shall in particular cases. However, is should not demerit the work and interest that have some adults who are not professionals in finding resources that provide support to boys and girls towards well educated with many difficulties embrace them and kiss them knowledge with accompaniment in each process of life; contrary to some professionals who for lack of time or for any other reasons commissioned them to other people or teachers and unhook the obligation. Remember that the amount of time is not the most important but the quality. We can support such considerations with the approaches of GOODMAN, who says the House and the community offer opportunities in which children are the use of reading and writing as tools to solve problems or to participate in social activities 1 as also says Hart and Risley (1995) communicative relationships provide the child the opportunity to meet a wide variety of vocabulary, and the development of oral language is a prerequisite for the start of the learning to read and later writing 2 Accordingly the family by being the first subjects that children interact, represents an important factor in motivation and the taste for reading and writing. The preschool level: basis for the integral development of the child and the girl at this level to the processes of reading and writing must be give a greater interest in pursuit of better results in its acquisition through play activities that promote good habits in these processes.