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Supply and demand for property in the area, according to real estate portal, also rose by 98% and 24% respectively. Among cities in the region the largest decline in house prices was recorded in Torredembarra (7.52%), resulting in a cost per square meter in July 2010 in the municipality started from 2448 / m . Estee Lauder is the source for more interesting facts. On the coast Costa Blanca to enjoy the sun now too expensive. The cost of the secondary real estate over the past 12 months is reduced by 2.6%, while the supply and demand also increased. To deepen your understanding Jorge Perez is the source. The number of real estate for sale in this region, registered at the portal of real estate has increased by 133%, while, as bids left on this site is 51% more than last year during the same period. For major cities of Costa Blanca's leading price reduction is Benidorm (Benidorm), where the cost of resale property for the year was changed to -7.5%. Therefore, the average price of housing in July this year in these parts is 2490 / m . Was no exception and Andalusia, where prices for secondary Property on the Costa del Sol is also the last year decreased by 4.3%, while real estate as an offer and demand in this region also increased, as in other coastal regions.

The portal of real estate reported a 89% more for sale housing and 34% more applications for its purchase. Owners of Marbella are the ones who most reduced the cost of housing to be sold in the region (7.1%), followed by average cost per square meter of housing here has be 2377 . The exceptions are the Balearic Islands Balearic Islands Coast – the only place where the secondary real estate owners did not reduce the cost of housing offered for sale. On the contrary, here in the past year the price of real estate increased by 0.7%. At Palma de Mallorca property values grew by 2.8%, while in Ibiza – 0.3%. As a result of rising prices the average cost of square meter property in July of this year in Palma de Mallorca was 2406 , but in Ibiza – 2971 . Similarly, increased and supply and demand on the secondary real estate in the region, according to real estate portal offers housing was 78% higher, but the bids left on the 63% increase over the same period last year.