Rentals with the Option to Buy

PROMOTERS get their housing stock. It is the phenomenon that captures all eyes of potential buyers beyond their fears by the crisis are "lost" in an industry that is making efforts to follow in the economic divide in our country. Many owners used "formula" "Resolution" "Lifeguard" whatever the expression is a form hitherto underemphasized in the past housing boom but now is emerging as an alternative after the government support in housing schemes for the coming years. st1: * (behavior: url (# ieooui)) Real Estate Companies, Builders, Developers and soon the Spanish Banking joins this initiative RENT WITH OPTION TO BUY with all the benefits it provides to prospective buyers of homes, for is presumed improvement in the current credit crunch that prevents today to get traditional mortgages for home purchases. The main advantage for companies engaged in this activity is diversify income that allows for a more stable base income "volatile" promotion "as defined by some experts in the newspaper" Your home from the World "(Gregorio Izquierdo) Furthermore the car involved in ensuring more likely long-term revaluation of fixed assets leased and once saved his limitations and tax contingencies, in some cases it may get to enjoy the reduced rates of entities engaged in the rental housing. It is also true that there are still drawbacks in this system and in the traditional rental (normally, short term or rent to buy) but according to latest publications in this spring, the government is studying the possibility of reducing the VAT rate from 16% Current in Rent to BUY by 7%, which would help developers and builders to provide, relieving the prospective buyer and tenant, an unnecessary tax burden.