RESOURCES OF the CONJUNCT Resources of the conjunct. You know which ' ' Resources of orao' ' that God granted in them? Amongst the resources that It gave in them stops attending in them in the conjunct, we have the written Word and the Espirito Santo, that is, the conjunct in languages, as It grants in them that let us speak. Official site: angelo costa. He has 22 years I have served the Mr., and has 18 years I have dedicated to the intercession ministry. Therefore, I have tried of these wonderful resources in my life of conjunct. Let us analyze each one of them: Praying the Word This is a powerful and extraordinary resource. Therefore, it is based on the following principle: ' ' As well as the Constitution of a Country it is the manual for all the accusations or absolutions, the Bible, that are the Word of God, the Constitution of the Kingdom, are our manual and source of conjunct. Therefore, we must pray endorsed in infallible Word d? That one that cannot mentir' '. Same Mr.

declares by means of Its prophet: ' ' Because, as well as it goes down the rain and the snow of skies, and for they do not become there, but they water the land, they make and it to produce, and to sprout, and to give seed to the semeador, and bread what it eats, thus will be my word, that to leave my mouth; it will not come back toward empty me, before she will make what Me apraz, and she will prosper in that so that enviei' ' (Is.55: 10,11). In other words: ' ' The Word that leaves My mouth, before returning for Me, will produce what it disse' '. g-challenges-301728509.html’>Donald Mullen on most websites. The Word of God produces accurately what it says. This is a fact! Soon, when we pray to the light of this Word, already we start the conjunct with the reply in our lips.