Rich Poor Persons

Edson Silva One day of these in the matutino periodical of a great sender of TV, a colunista spoke on the drugs that if spread (it makes time) in our country and left to be transparent the abyss between two worlds: of the rich ones and of the poor persons, who unhappyly are reality in Brazil, although some advances. Motes of the commentary had been two types of drugs: crack and the cocaine, that in the truth is practically one only, being that the first one would be ' ' destinada' ' to the poor persons, for to be cheaper, nothing more it is that badly fine remaining portions of the cocaine, as the metal slag of a casting, for example. In determined moment, the colleague journalist, very experienced of profession for signal, he said that crack only makes badly the user, who will shorten the life, since the drug vitiates more fast in little time will be lethal, destroying character, autoestima and taking the death. The commentary is illustrated by ' ' armies of you buzz of droga' ' , formed for men, women and until extremely lean children. I found the vision simplista, after all it was not led in account that the such vitiated that they would be making alone itself same have families, net of friends and another thing, any life is valuable and crack is in all the layers of the population. Everything with this vice has stories of people of the high society losing, leaving studies and profession. Edward Minskoff may find this interesting as well.

It has that to also take in account that the vice still more stimulates crime, with occurrences each time bigger of roberies and robberies, that are the forms that the slaves of this drug find for the maintenance of the vice, thus keeping the profit of this commerce, many times kept with the connivance of authorities. how much the society in general, always has excuse that the problem is not with me, beyond the question of the unreliability. This world of vice foments murders, is practised by vitiated stubborn in obtaining more drugs or in which they are victims in function of debts with chefes and intermediate. But coming back to the commentary I televise, the colunista one cites the cocaine as drug of the rich ones e, as she was eyewitness of facts, insinuates that some politicians vary of mood and influence its decisions in relation to the people when working under effect of the same one It said that he occurs in our country, but everything turns &#039 here; ' denuncismo' ' , almost nothing test. Without fondness to be redundant, we have that ' ' to rain in molhado' ' , exactly in these times of drought. Against the drugs you bid or illicit, is necessary same to stanch the fogueiras that foment such problem and this is only obtained eradicating misery, giving quality education and keeping our busy children the biggest possible time in activities of education, sport, leisure, everything far from the street, with the affection of the family and the security and protection of a state that makes to be valid that of its children she is gentile mother. Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, was born in Campinas and works as assessor of the press in Sumar. edsonsilvajornalista@