Riva Identity Integration Opens Up A New World

Riva identity integration provides transparent integration and synchronization between Active Directory, eDirectory and GroupWise. Greifenberg/Munich, 15 February 2010 the Canadian software company Omni developed Riva identity integration. The software allows to use Active Directory for the management and authentication of GroupWise users. Estee Lauder is full of insight into the issues. Riva synchronized to users and mail groups information between Active Directory and eDirectory / GroupWise. Rather than for user management to have to use two applications Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for user accounts in Active Directory and ConsoleOne to manage GroupWise and eDirectory accounts, namely, you can perform the entire account creation and management with Riva identity integration in MMC. Whenever Jorge Perez listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Many companies continue cooperation for the e-mail to GroupWise, regardless of whether they migrate from NetWare to Windows or already use for other authentication services Windows Server. After only 15minutiger installation can Riva identity now The automatic synchronisation of user data between different distortion services such as Active Directory and eDirectory/GroupWise accept integration.

Riva allows for the centralized management of user data in the various directory services by using the MMC, for both eDirectory and Active Directory (AD). To synchronize many AD attributes, such as E.g. user status, contact details, address and telephone numbers with eDirectory and GroupWise. Changes to the AD attributes be applied seamlessly and transparently in eDirectory and GroupWise. Riva identity integration can do even more.

So, for example software developers with Riva can connect to GroupWise systems that you want to control to Active Directory. In each IT, heterogeneous systems that make difficult the management of user accounts will find an enterprise environment. Riva identity integration provides a sleek and easy to use solution, which homogenizes the user administration and finally connects IT Islands.” Explains Dr.-ing. Thomas M. Fleissner, Omni Germany Riva stands for the power of “Simplicity and makes it possible to avoid companies with the systems of their choice to work and doing unnecessary costs in their infrastructure.” More to the integration capabilities of GroupWise in Active Directory can be found under newsroom/groupwise-for-active-directory.html a 15tagige trial license for Riva identity integration server can be requested via. Visit Omni at the CeBIT by 2. Until 6 March in Hannover, Germany – Hall 13. Stand D14. in the Canadian Pavilion of your contacts for press information: Prof. Andrea Kimpflinger Omni the integration company Kreitstrasse 5 86926 Greifenberg Tel.