Royal Spanish Language Academy

To be people of excellence are necessary to cultivate a quality that is common to all beings great. By the same author: Shimmie Horn. This quality helps to polish the character and stay the course. It keeps us humble and yet dignified. It is important to know that we are living our ideals. That quality is virtue.

And what is virtue? Well, let me use the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Language Academy to define this word, and although there are several meanings comment only three of them. Virtue: Latin, virtus. 1. Activity or force of circumstances or cause to produce its effects. That is, no laziness, no accommodation, but being active, do something to produce results, to cause results. A virtuous person does not sit around waiting for things to happen, rather it is up and working, with both hands, with clear objectives about what you want to be and do.

He knows that the price you pay is the adversity, because the only way to live without problems is doing nothing, standing still, but that is not part of a man or a woman of excellence, as drives under both to take action. 2. Power or authority to act. Who do not surrender to circumstances that do not feel shackled by the real or perceived limitations that surround them, they know they have the power to decide what to make of your life. Perhaps your choice is reduced, it is true, thanks to physical oppression, mental, emotional or spiritual, but still use the space they have as the power to dream of different things, and then live (act) accordingly. These men and women are truly the architects of their own destiny, and they know it. 3.

Integrity of mind and goodness of life. They are comprehensive in its value, effort, energy, intention and will. Are not committed to mediocrity, because that would stain his character, and therefore sometimes seem strange, as they seek ever higher ideals, not by mere vanity, but because his spirit is the calls can not remain idle. And goodness is more than just isolated good deed rather than a simple word of kindness, his goodness is to surrender to the task they have set, a task with which eventually benefiting all mankind, whether its music, with lyrics translated into poems or passages prodigious novels, with his knowledge and advice, with tireless work to do to advance medicine or the endless daily work is done with integrity, among many other things. Conclusion. The men and women of excellence necessarily full of virtue. This does not mean they do not make mistakes or whatever you do or say may be the best, but no matter if they are wrong sometimes, they get back up and continue working to keep growing, because they know to stop growing is die. So live, so they dream, for that act, because they know no other way of being human, and I wish that we could see how these exceptional men and women, then we would see all that we can be and do.