Russian Federation

The main purpose of freezing chest – storage products that have passed the deep freeze, as well as its demonstration. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Estee Lauder. Depending on the design distinguish different types of chests. Chest freezers can have a blank cover from the metal or glass with curved or straight glass. There are also cylindrical Gel, made with a metal banki.My pleased to offer you high quality freezing chests, which correspond to all standards. Our online store contains a wide range of refrigeration equipment. Among them you can find a domestic freezer chests snows and freezing chests and Dankar Italfrost. Construction chests snows collected the features the best models of chest freezers.

However, the GEL is completely adapted to the conditions of the Russian Federation. Housing chest is made of galvanized steel coated with protective film. This protects refrigerant circuit from damage. Strong wheels, payload of 70 kg each, can move the chest and in the loaded condition. Durable, reliable and trouble-free operation is guaranteed when the chest ambient temperature of +35 C. If necessary, our specialists will conduct the service center installation, maintenance and other chest freezers refrigeration equipment. Particularly important to Regular maintenance of refrigeration equipment in the summer months – in fact in this period, they operated very intensively.

If you carefully monitor refrigeration, it will guarantee its long and reliable service. If your refrigeration equipment suddenly broke, our specialists will perform skilled maintenance of refrigeration equipment. For trade: chain stores and supermarkets self-serving very comfortable open freezer chests, they are called Bonet. Bonet did not have covers. The buyer can choose to take besppripyatsyatvenno the product that he needs. At the same time equipping Bonet quite powerful compressor that allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the internal volume, even in such harsh conditions.