Saffron Spice

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Due to its versatility (is used in religious rituals and dyes, perfumes, medicines, cosmetics and food) has been part of the cultural and gastronomic traditions of several countries, including Spain. The fields of Saffron are dyed in mid-October of intense violet cut by the dark red of the stigmata of the plant. When they are ready to be harvested are started 2-3 weeks of hard manual labor for farmers. Collect flowers, always at dawn and are placed on a flat surface to proceed to the desbriznado, the most important phase of the operation, separating the three stigmas or brines of Saffron, which are the little glowing reddish threads on the inside of the flower and which constitute the actual saffron. Working slowly to avoid breakage or mix to not depreciating product. Saffron flower, pink azafraneros is called in environments. Albert Einstein College of Medicine : the source for more info.

Thus, the women who collected flower, were called roseras and not azafraneras. Saffron thus obtained, it has enough moisture and proceed to dry it to keep it. In Aragon, in the area of Teruel, the custom is to toast it to grilled, while in some parts of La Mancha and other areas of the world, dries in protected or sunny environment. To get a kilo of Saffron must be picked up between 185,000 and 280,000 roses, activity that requires no less than 20 hours of work; Then we desbriznar, another 120 hours. At the end, must let dry it in an oven, which reduces its weight to the fifth. This product will be package carefully, so that you don’t lose their properties and so you can save without major damage up to three years.

Saffron is a spice and, as such, is used in cooking in small quantities, to take advantage of its qualities as flavoring and coloring. Three years ago the prestigious organization Slow Food recognized saffron of the Jiloca as one of the best in the world. I supposed the recognition to the efforts of the few who have maintained their culture both to the momentum of the Association of producers, committed to recovering this iconic spice. Saffron can add to broths and soups of all or masses of spongy, as certain pastries and buns of Central European tradition. Also can be combined with other solid foods (paella). On the other hand certain companies such as La Carrasca, develops products containing saffron in its composition giving a distinctive and differentiating feature. Liquors saffron or saffron cheese are some of the quality products we can find. If you want to learn more about saffron or learn about other products containing saffron you can consult this article published on the blog of Saboores, food from the lands of Aragon. Liqueur saffron the carrasca and slow food. Photo: Flickr/Rafael Jimenez original author and source of the article