School Partnerships

The present research appeared by means of the comment and experience of the researcher of the conflicting condition of the inserted autista pupil in the regular rooms of education. It had for objective to point possibilities the innumerable difficulties faced for professors, school and parents in this stage of the life of the autista child. A research of field of with the objective of raising was carried through and identifying elements that favor the partnership between school and family in the education of the autista child. For in such a way it was constructed and applied a composed questionnaire for 58 affirmations in 11 teachers of the basic education and the infantile education that have in its rooms children with autismo. The gotten results had been grouped in five categories: autonomy, rules and limits, pedagogical, relation family and school in relation to the autismo and specialized attendance. in contribution relation and the necessities and potentialities of the families and the school to act in set, with the objective to think the partnership between these two segments. So that research was carried through in order to provide given excellent for such objective was disponibilizado a questionnaire, where the professors and professionals of the area could display its opinion regarding the results that the relation between professors parents and school can provide to the development of the autista pupil. In such a way, we look for to analyze which the level of preparation and adequacy of these professionals in relation to the inclusion. Words keys: Family; School and Inclusion.