The Formation in Any Instance of Study the end of School 1.) First, a principle: the studious interested party is authorized only by itself. 2.) This does not exclude that the School guarantees that a studious interested party depends on its formation. He can depend, if want, and the studious interested party will have the head that the School to impose to it. The school is dogmtica and obeys the state ditames. The professor obeys what the state orders.

3.) the studious interested party can want this guarantee, thing that, from now on, must necessarily go beyond. Or it honors what they form to it (they deform) or breaches immediately afterwards with everything. TO AUTHORIZE ITSELF. AUTHORIZED ONLY By itself, it is saw alternative to the Formation in Any Instance of Study. The school is involved in gradual bureaucratization, transforming the Formation to the field of ' ' eficincia' ' , of what it will be useful in the market, favoring to the established groups already, become the institution a barren field when knowing. What if IT DESIRES is the way capable to give space stops that the principles knowing of them and the freedom of thought resurge, fecundando with its effect the possibility of the autonomy of the person. To be independent is to be free also free of any liame with the established society. TO AUTHORIZE ITSELF, does not want to say that &#039 is not needed more than all; ' esforo' ' of the study, the preparation, the autodidatismo, the research.

The studious interested party will search for itself this formation. The studious interested party will in accordance with become deformed its interests and not with the interest of the School. TO AUTHORIZE ITSELF is bold attempt of if ungluing from the institutionalized, gessante power, getting rid of the Schools fascists, and, with freedom and consistency to search the theoretical beddings and the estruturantes roots of the universe of knowing.