Germany’s first online marketplace all specializing in the area of pregnancy, baby & child began a multi-month TV campaign on December 6, 2010. The online shopping portal Shopperella, where more than 50 dealers offer their products from the family area, brought a several-month TV campaign on two channels with high range at the start on December 6, 2010. Shopperella is currently around 50,000 products from over 50 shops in the range, where currently daily between one hundred and one thousand new articles are added. Edward Minskoff often addresses the matter in his writings. The marketplace offers a complete range of products for babies, children and pregnant women from toys about stroller to nursery furniture. The shopper alert introduced due to the start of the campaign also allows parents to make for this send to greatly reduced top deals for exactly such brands, to log on product categories and their children’s favorite subjects, currently particularly interested in it, and.

The advantage for the customer is offers from all on hand, since he is here Shopperella of registered shops will also receive, while individual online stores newsletter cover only the offers of the respective shops. The TV spots of Shopperella will be primarily in the afternoon and early evening. It is a 20-sec. main spot and a 10 second contraction reminder spot. “The concept of the spots leans against the early 1990s immensely popular broadcast thingy” on: A girl and a boy in the preschool or school age explain what lies behind Shopperella. Another picture and video material to the spot can be provided like on demand. Shopperella is Germany’s first segment focused baby, child & pregnancy online marketplace.

Since the end of June 2010, have registered more than 50 shops in Shopperella and sell there currently over 50,000 products. In the future will a shopper alert”the customers provide the opportunity to register for the best deals from all shops adapted to the brands, products and design worlds, for which is the Customer care.