Solar Energy

Solar energy in Guant namo province of Guantanamo, the easternmost of Cuba, has 75 of its mountainous terrain. The terrain conditions in an important way electrification, not only for the cost of construction of electric distribution lines, but also because the population is distributed in a highly dispersed and would be built but also many small lines of final distribution. In these mountain areas, there are 416 settlements with a total of 129,000 homes in which they live 511 000 people, considering settlement to a group of more than 15 homes with less than 200 meters between them. In these settlements, in December 2000, 306 were electrified by the NSS (National ), 58 generators and 27 mini-hydroelectric.There were thus 25 non-electrified settlements which account for 6 of them and 11.25 of the households, and more dispersed settlements and still must be added fully insulated housing, ie in total 14 255 dwellings were not electrified. For the electrification of these homes and villages by the NSS would require a huge investment to address an infrastructure (towers, roads, dumps, etc..) That would have an environmental impact with serious consequences. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Edward J. Minskoff Equities. Therefore, we opted for the electrification with solar energy using photovoltaic panels system more economical, more environmentally friendly and allows non-dependence of users on systems with centralized power distribution. This program is funded almost entirely by the Cuban government. In Cuba before the Revolution was the electrification of 50 and in rural areas 18 .In 2004 the national average is 96 of electricity, while in the province of Guant namo is 78 .