Southeast Asia

Are you following me? Another Ofertaa a is very popular Compre 3 rooms and a free comes out. That means that if you buy 3 suits $ 500, the fourth suit leaves you free. Now I ask, Is it spent $ 1,500 offer in 4 suits? Unless you are a politician or lawyer, I doubt that you use the four suits in a year and worth the investment you made. I think you would be cheaper to bring the suit that you update the lines a good tailor, and you adjust it for you. You'll see diferenciaa Is the discount? Well, put it in the following way: You can get 100% discount on an item just not buying it. Try to postpone that decision, if you really analyze what you need, if you have can last a year or 6 months, do not think is cheap is because a necesarioa buy, remember that the crisis, as I said and have said many analysts, it will last a long time. I hope the next time you're faced with an offer you can see the small print of what is actually being offered, and you can understand, like me, sometimes the best deal is one that is not used. What is the strategy you use to get away from these tempting offers? For example, my friend Liz provides two periods of purchases a year, with budgets previously set.

For my part I tend to set my needs and then go through them in time of tender. Since I live in Asia, I understand that the offers appear in July-August and December, so I plan my shopping for these dates, either before or after. If you live in America, I think Thanksgiving and January are good seasons for shopping. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ron Beit. If you're having trouble with bids, you're tempted (a) by them, and you have to go to the mall or the store for something specific but fear tempted, I suggest that: 1) do not take your credit cards, 2) make a list of what you need, 3) takes a basket instead of a cart to limit your pulse, 3) think about the crisis and what we could do with the money you would save this time, finally 4 ) thinks that the best offer, that it gives you a 100% discount, is that you do not use. I appreciate your comments on how you manage this time of special offers, so you can share with all readers. Venezuelan, 34, father of twin boys, Petroleum Engineer with a passion for writing. He has worked in over 25 countries and currently lives in Southeast Asia.