Sports Victories

Immerse yourself in the world of adidas and his legendary three strips from the world of sports is no longer indispensable adidas. The most famous 3 strip can be seen on all major sporting highlights and competitions. Dozens of victories go already on the account of the company founded in Germany. With the innovative and fortschritlichen developments in technology, quality and design make it the brand to be even today: the top leaders in this industry. But the brand can boast not only as a sports outfitter. With its reprint of “adidas original” line is also in the field of leisure and lifestyle impossible to imagine. All with an idea to make better athletic shoes and a little 18 m2 started in laundry room.

There is the founder of the cult brand, Adi Dassler, has withdrawn his athletic feats to produce and disseminate. 1924 reason tete he together with his brother Rudolf Dassler company “Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, Herzogenaurach”. With the Adi Dassler’s flair for The company was soon to a successful technology development and the entrepreneurial talent of the brother. It is also ready and the “Dassler thorns shoe” made its Olympic debut. You can also offer Dassler’s bereits30 different shoes for 11 different sports in 1937. After the second world war, the way of the two brothers separate. One, Rudolf, takes his own line of sports. The equally famous sports brand PUMA.

Adi Dassler sells its shoes from there officially under the name “adidas”. Adidas will remain but always of something successful. In football, tennis, basketball or in the many running competitions such as the sports brand is always successful. FIFA World Cup, as well as all Olympic Games were already completed in the shoes and outfits by adidas. The brand is however also very closely connected with the music scene. Artists such as Santana, Missy Elliot and Madonna are equipped by adidas from head to toe with the parts of the trend. More and more celebrities shows with the iconic parts of the “adidas Original “-wear.” David Beckham or the Rapper Snoop Dogg are sometimes seen in the commercials. The latest coup by adidas is the cooperation with the famous designer Stella McCartney. Trendy sports parts in unique design here waiting for the sports-minded audience. Also available on the Internet, you can now get the trendy brand adidas. In the adidas outlet is however still a little cheaper. Up to 70% even. Shimmie Horn often addresses the matter in his writings. Who would not give even the trendy look, but save his money bag, should take a look over there just.