You are already in the easternmost province of Cuba. The city is not crowded, with little more than 200 000 inhabitants. It is located in the Valley of Guantanamo Bay and is bordered by the Guaso and Jaibo, tributary rivers latter River at Guantanamo. After having traveled the southern coast East of Guantanamo Bay, (see your map), enjoy in the hotel for a well-deserved rest. If you want to stay in the same city you can do so at the hotel Guantanamo, in the Caribbean deal. If you do not prefer the atmosphere of city can choose the Villa La Lupe, something away from the city, a few kilometers from the city, or the hotel Caimanera, located in a small village of fishermen with the same name and very near the sea, next to Guantanamo Bay, at almost 24 km away from the provincial capital. Rest and the next day make plans.

We recommend giving a small tour around the vicinity of the hotel and then depart the place known as Alto de Boqueron of Yateras to visit the stone Zoo, a little more than 40 km from the city of Guantanamo. For this purpose take the road that leads to the village of Jamaica and once there take the road that will take you to the Zoo, a place very interesting, unique in the Caribbean. The author of this work is the artist Angel Inigo. This Zoo consists of animals carved in stone, and life-size, prehistoric, domestic and all sorts. They are distributed such that seem to be in their own environment.

The area is approximately 2 km. The visit can be made every day from 8 in the morning. There are guides that provide explanations of the place, including the origin of the work, the artist and concerning animals and their distribution. In the place there is also a restaurant called Las Piedras, where you can enjoy an excellent lunch or snack.