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Taste Crisis

To deny a crisis does not change the reality, this is independent than you think or feel, if she is in crisis perhaps but it has not occurred account needs preparation, if it is in crisis perhaps and it does not accept it needs to humility and common sense, this can take it to create a parallel world, one pseudo reality which will cost much to maintain to him and is going to aggravate its crisis when using efforts and resources in recreating and maintaining that parallel reality, instead of to accept it and to use the resources to modify with them its true situation.

I have seen sufficient examples of this in the commercial world, companies that spend enormous budgets in maintaining a product that people have stopped consuming, look for through the publicity and the promotion to change the taste of the public so that it continues it buying, often to loss, but refuses to let it die, instead of to offer a new product, in agreement with the taste and needs of the buyer and therefore easier to sell. While some of these companies refuse to change, other competitors identify a necessity in the market they replace and it, take advantage of it to they; as they do not have an affective bond with the past of the product, it does not matter to them and they do not have to bear the burden, they can work with greater freedom they use and it to be successful. The situation continues by a time that can be more or less long, and that will even last when they are run out their resources, when it appears the shortage, for that moment are forced to accept it, does not have left another way, must try different solutions and then, only then, they begin to cross the way to recover.. .