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Inverter Air Conditioning

Most people are buying the air conditioner did not know the difference between classical conditioning and inverter air conditioning. We have a few words to explain what are the advantages of inverter air conditioners. Inverter air conditioning – it's air conditioning in which the setting is set to the required temperature analogy of climate control, air conditioning is set at such a temperature sensor and use it continuously adjustable power. Since the air conditioner gradually change the temperature automatically and power are also regulated by an automaton, that fact will save you about 30-50 percent of its electricity. Since the inverter air conditioner is almost does not always work at full capacity, the level produced by Schuma much less in contrast to conventional air conditioning.

The noise level increases and decreases smoothly, there are no abrupt changes that do not create discomfort to the ear rights. Can not be said about klassichsky air conditioning, all the time he is turned on, then off, which creates discomfort. Inverter air conditioner will make you a real holiday with a cool silence. There is always a danger catch cold if the house has air conditioning, but if you use the inverter air-conditioners, then veroyatnoost disease under inverter is reduced to zero. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is a great source of information. This konditsoner not create very cold streams, drafts, and evenly, gently cools the room. If you have children and you would like to put air conditioning in the nursery, then you must consider, and leave a preference for buying on the inverter air-conditioners to avoid any or inflammatory processes in your children and yourself in the heat of summer or at any other time of year.

Based on the characteristics of the inverter air conditioner, it extends the wear of the air conditioner at times. Because the inverter systems operate continuously, rather than cycles, isklyuaetsya such a thing as commutation, that is, off and on when starting compressor no jerks who are not very desirable for the longevity of the air conditioner and old wiring that is no good, as your air conditioner, and your wiring. When you turn off the engine compressor conventional air conditioners, oil drains into the pan, and then the air conditioner is in a dry, without oil, which is not very desirable. Another interesting feature of the inverter systems, which, unlike conventional air conditioners, such a system can operate at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius. Draw conclusions. ource. The advantages of inverter air conditioners, for example – MIDEA MSV1-09HRDN1: – Save energy – Low noise level – Umnshaetsya probability colds – Reliability and durability – Economical heating even in the most severe frosts. You say, really no flaws? Then why still not replaced the classic inverter split system? The answer is simple, inverter air conditioners are much more expensive than conventional air conditioners, and it is everyone can buy. From this and the lack of – expensive!

New Era Russian Mixers

We all remember a time when at the words "Soviet mixer" for all to see to get up the image of a mixer with two handles, blue and red. Those who used it, can tell a lot about how much "joy" brought the use of this miracle. And Joy "is really missing from the harmless but annoying dripping, to break the blender. If you break the same adventure does not end after the bell in the housing office, in most cases, came not quite sober plumber, simply overlap the water and care. In this situation, there was only one option – go to the store and buy a new mixer. Coming to a place where they sell plumbing, people have seen absolutely the same mixer that hangs in his home, with the only difference being that in his house failed. Since that time, in our country, much has changed. Now coming to the store plumbing can see many different designs and mixers modification.

Unfortunately the stereotype of a "Soviet mixer" is preserved. But this is just a stereotype, but in fact some brands of Russian mixers are fundamentally different from the products of that period and can compete with Western ones. K such brands include faucets Russian-made "KIT". Mixers "KIT" made in Russia since 2003 and during this time were able to prove that Russia's mixer or no worse than in Europe. What is the difference between mixers "KIT" from "Soviet mixer, and why he is able to compete with European brands? Let's start with quality.