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Salomo Davi

In this direction, valley to accent the Biblical tickets and the occured harmful consequences: 2 Sm 12,14, 18: Engravida Beat of Davi and the child dies to the seventh day; 2 Sm 13,1, 11-15: Amnom, son of Davi, violent sexually its Tamar sister; 2 Sm 13.28, 29: Amnom is died for order of its Absalo brother; 2 Sm 18.9-17: Absalo is died for having if rebelled against its proper father; 1 Kings 2,24, 25: Adonias is died the control of its brother, Salomo. One notices that the sin committed for king Davi, finished bringing the most serious consequences for its proper family. Toward in such a way, it was turned toward God with sincere repentance and It pardoned (the aid came to the dawn or dusk), being known as ‘ ‘ the man according to heart of Deus’ ‘ (Acts 13,22) and he had the privilege of that Salvador of Israel was generated of its descent (2 Samuel 7,12, 16; Salmo 132.11; Isaiah 11.1-4; Lucas 1,31, 32; Acts 2,29, 30; 13.23; Romans 1,1-3). Therefore, for more turbulent than they are our days (morning and late) and that let us need to take decisions important, remain themselves vigilant so that its attitude or choice does not come to transform its nights into true nightmares and agonies. Thus acting, we can be being fidiciary offices and to please the God, guaranteeing ours passport for the Perpetual Life. As it assures the text of Apocalypse, CAP. 2.10: ‘ ‘ It swims subjects of the things that you have to suffer. Here it is that the devil will launch some of you in the arrest, so that you are attemped; you will have a tribulao of ten days (and nights). You are faithful until the death, and I will give to you crown to it of vida’ ‘. EDUARDO VERONESE Da Silva Minister of the Assembly of God? Cariacica/ES Licenciatura in Physical Education – UFES Bachelor in law? FABAVI/ES Specialist in Military law?


Everything what I will speak in this text does not pass of an individual interpretation mine for what I believe to be the truth on the origin of the Evil, but, with it said, it is what I believe and not it undisputed Truth, a time that does not have a Biblical verse that it proves what I go to write. However, what I go to write, in way some enters in disharmony with the Biblical writings. Therefore, it does not include this text in the study ' ' The Satan Never He was Lucifer: The Truth On the Origin of the Mal' ' , because it brings one high degree of interpretativo subjetivismo, caused for the Biblical citation absence confirms that it. The evil, as it said, appeared with intention to characterize the good, that is, it is by means of the evil that I know that the good is good. Filed under: Edward Minskoff. It is not possible to characterize something as good without it has something bad it bases that it. It does not have doubts of that God is the creator of the Evil: ' ' Perhaps, it does not proceed in such a way from Highest the evil as the good? ' ' (Lamentations 3:37) ' ' I am you, and he does not have another one. I form the light and create the darknesses; I make the peace and I create the evil; I, Mr., make all these coisas.' ' (Isaiah 45:6 – 7) But, doubts have when the reason of the creation of the evil is questioned. Mainly in relation to the consequences that we suffer because of its existence: pain, the illness, the violence, the death, etc. Why God in gave the life to them to pass for all these ackward things? Why he is of the will of Gods who pass for all these tribulaes? Which the intention of creating the evil if the proper God of it is not pleased? In the previous paragraph the main consequences had been presented that we suffer because of the existence of the evil.