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Looking into the Hearts of Men

Therefore, if God thus dresses the grass of the field, that today exists and tomorrow it is launched in the oven, will not dress you much more it you, men of small faith? You do not walk, therefore, uneasy, saying: What we will eat or that we will drink or with that we will dress in them? (Because all these things the heathen ones they look for.) Certainly, your celestial Father knows well that you need all these things; But you search the Kingdom of God, and its justice first, and all to these will be added you things.) Evangelho without the cross does not exist, was accurately why Christ went to die in the cross and to revive that IT became man, so that we could become children of God; if it made our sin, so that let us be made justice of God; if it made our illness, so that we were sarado; if it made poor person, so that let us be enriched. The meaning de a Cruz moved with as much depth to the heart of apostolo Pablo, whom astonished it expressed: ‘ ‘ But far he is of me to gloriar me, seno in the cross of ours Mr. Jesus Christ, by which the world is crucificado for me, and I stop mundo’ ‘ (GI 6,14). Which is the glory de a Cruz? It was an instrument of torture and shame. Why, then, Pablo if gloriou in it? Because in it the act had place most self-sacrificing, already practised for men or angels. Emanating of the coarse and repellent log, where the Son of God was crucificado, Pablo it saw the hope radiating of the world, the end of the domain of the sin on the believers and the love of God making dwelling in the hearts of the men..