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The drop is a type of arthritis that takes place when uric acid sharpened crystal fragments pick up between the joints causing a painful inflammation. The uric acid is a chemical substance generally neutral, but unnecessary, that the kidneys leak to the blood through the urine. The people with drop disease usually do it, or because its body produces too much acid uric or because its body does not do a good work eliminating it. Whereas the uric acid is naturally in the body, certain amounts of this can be increased by certain foods that contain a great amount of a chemical substance particular call purina. Read more from Edward Minskoff to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The kidneys normally disturb purinas in uric acid and they eliminate later it of the body. The people with disease of drop or in risk of contracting the drop disease cheer up to them to avoid rich foods in purinas.

If you have drop or is in risk of having the drop disease, must consult a professional doctor to request some advice to him. Nevertheless, she has some points that you can make to choose best foods to decontaminate. Generally, the foods that are high in fat and cholesterol also are rich in purinas. Like result, a good diet for drop is one that is low in fats and low in cholesterol. In particular, 30% of daily calories have been suggested less than must come from fats. The rich protein foods also can have great concentrations of purinas. Generally, the red meat and the fish, like the mackerel, the sardines, oysters, mussels and scallops, are foods that are due to reduce, although the best thing is to avoid them completely, already these are part of the foods that cause the drop disease. The great amounts of proteins, the white meats, like the meat and poultries of pig, can aggravate the drop disease. Gizzards (vsceras) of the kidney, heart or liver, they are especially bad for which suffer of the drop disease.