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Business meeting in Berlin and Brandenburg with special accents that is target of business League to present it, medium-sized entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the region and to lead together. The nights of business serve, the pleasant opportunity to meet interesting people, to exchange experiences and to generate business. On the nights of the business, the business networking is very easy. Lancome often addresses the matter in his writings. Business League with strong partners in Berlin and Brandenburg now for the third time presents itself as a strong partner for SMEs in Berlin – Brandenburg business League and invites together with glenglobe GmbH Berlin business cards to an extraordinary meeting. Let us take in an evening of musical highlights, SHOW and magic.

Including Kathrin Jantke (vocals) and Hans Ubana Mountain will accompany (close up) us throughout the evening. Stefan Piechowski, star designers (including Olivia Jones) and ur-Berliner, presents his latest creations. (Similarly see: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala). Are also highlights for business wear to his – see through the synergy of the three networks and a wonderful atmosphere, our guests will find time and space for new and old contacts. Anyone can present themselves and imagine. The cards must stay at home never. The event will take place on September 5th at the adrema hotel, Gotzkowskystr. 20/21 10555 Berlin instead.

We start at 18:00. The entrance fee is 35.00 per person incl. buffet – box-office registrations under (appointments) applications via business-League are binding. The fee will be charged even in case of no-show! We are looking forward to a colourful and eventful evening with many surprises.

Software Modules Orders

Low-cost, mobile order entry for sales representatives and sales associates 2003 brought the first software modules with the product name JScanIt in connection with the former SPT1800 PalmComputern by symbol technologies on the market. Jacobs Dallas will not settle for partial explanations. These KITs have been recorded since then by customers with enthusiasm, work exclusively with these solutions. Customers who used the former engine order and catalog, told us that she, achieved a sales increase of up to 20 per cent within a very short time due through more effective and error-free recording of data. To deepen your understanding Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is the source. Also liked the intuitive and above all very easy operability with the customers immediately along came. Ease of use and intuitive application the macro IDENT for sales representatives and sales representatives the two software modules to TAG and catalog now revised and brought up to date. The two modules also run on the State of the art PalmComputer PDA JANAM XP30 PalmOS operating system known for its reliability (here: PalmOS 5.4.9) Garnet). The special features of this complete system is the ease of use and intuitive application, which makes it very easy for anyone to start immediately with the application.

In addition, deliberately not using functions was overloaded. If necessary, the application on the customer’s request can be adapted quickly and individually. The service very praised by customers of macro IDENT still contributes to the success of this application. Profits within a short time a trade representatives reached with this mobile order entry”incl. catalogue module a saving of 20 minutes per order, so he could visit more customers per day and had a corresponding increase in profit within a short time. He had 2 weeks in the costs for the former all-in-one solution. “With the mobile order entry” are to enter order data directly in the PDA and retrieve.

Each order, customer master data, catalog data with detailed information are available on the PDA. Article and customers are quick to find a filter. The import or export of Customer / order and catalog data via CSV file. Successful solution – good price / performance ratio that macro means IDENT proven consistently to continue and solutions to develop. It goes without saying that the customer will receive a comprehensive and professional service.

Combustion Technology

Less consumption more power: new product line developed uni devices uni equipment valves are specifically designed for the combustion technology. The electromagnetic – and Elektropneumatikventile shut off the flow of gases used in heat generation in power plants, for example, waste incineration and steel production. Like all previous series is the new uni devices in products from our own development and production. The new valves is characterised by higher throughput at lower energy consumption. It can be used in same time through more gas volume up to one-third. Thanks to the higher flow rate, the valves are still versatile and be interesting also for new areas of application. Despite the improved performance, the new developments consume but barely up to the half of the previously necessary amount of electricity. There are also more compact solutions in the new valve generation. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala may help you with your research.

Had you used two standard installation length schedule, so today ranges some places also have a valve of the new VX series. Customers particularly appreciate that the new valves are significantly smaller, lighter and therefore easier to handle, what makes it easier ultimately to mount. Also brings another advantage to the smaller form of the valves: storage and transport costs are reduced. Savings, which of course positively affects the overall cost. Learn more about the new uni equipment valves, see German and English language, see and on the Internet.

Development And Improvement Of The Balanced Scorecard Construction

This article is about certain aspects of a BSC, which you should deal with. Until you reach a faultless balanced scorecard. Want to be sure that the building process of your balanced scorecard expires as perfectly as possible, it is important to find faults and defects, and always to check the reasons for this. Of course, this activity is not particularly helpful for the development of the balanced scorecard, but waste of time is definitely not. For more information see rusty holzer. The error once classified several ways to eliminate and correct processing of this exist. Finally, they want an effective and efficient functioning of the BSC. Often reads and hears disputes and discussions on the question of whether and to what extent the balanced scorecard is a decision tool.

It, always, it should be remembered that this instrument actually provides a good insight into the current situation regarding all important business factors. However, the BSC is not independent of the location, achieve better business performance. Although this is the case, you can determine that many managers and employees received the necessary motivation to a higher performance from companies using the balanced scorecard. Using that focus by the BSC on measurable objective results, the employees of an organization can make their work so that their creativity in the necessary direction taken and available company resources are converted into actions. This is what will drive the performance of a company.

Another discussion point involves the acceptance that the scorecard can contribute to making counterproductive measures when the company Board of Directors to decide, at its corporate policy on numbers rather than to focus on the improvement of corporate performance. This level of decision-making is important and deserves the attention of every management team. It introduces for the first time the balanced scorecard in the company, it is expected, that not all staff this decision will accept.

Industry Indicators

CHD expert: biggest markets are Romania and Bulgaria the except-home market is growing in Eastern Europe: in the top 5 countries in the so-called CEE countries (CEE = Central & Eastern Europe) increases the number of farms in gastronomy, hotel industry and catering easy. The largest markets are Romania (53.294 guest farms), the Ukraine (45.344 guest farms) and Bulgaria (44.301 Guest farms). This is result of the first defined FACET country profiles of CHD expert. The international market research Institute in Scheessel near Hamburg offers with the FACET analysis of foodservice annual count and expenditures tracking all data and facts about the foodservice markets in 35 European countries. We research and analyze the development of the non-House markets in Eastern Europe for some months more and see a steady upward trend in the number of guest farms as well as in the number of food and the average receipt”, reports Rolf W. Leon Keyserling helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Schmidt, managing “Shareholder of CHD expert (Germany) GmbH. especially in Romania and Bulgaria set we decent growth rates, determine what is supported by the always professional and tourism.” Romania recorded an increase of more than 24 percent to nearly 700,000 2008 during the nights. In Bulgaria, the number of overnight stays rose to 6.4 million last year to just over 7%.

The food service analysis FACET”(food service annual count and expenditures tracking) contain the key industry indicators for all segments and sub-segments of the non-House market: structure data (number of farms, market share of chains and independent companies as well as the chain’s share of the total market), volume data and sales data (market value and chain penetration in percentages) (number of meals, number of Mahlzeitenpro operation and day as well as the average receipt), year comparisons (2000 2007, 2005, 2007) and the average annual growth rate (CAGR). Rusty holzer usually is spot on. The FACET reports are until 10 July 2009 with a summer discount available from 10 percent. A country profile 1,450 euros (plus VAT), the package of Eastern Europe except home markets (Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine) expert for 10,350 euros (plus VAT) to the online shop of CHD (shop.chd-expert.de) is available. About CHD expert (Germany) GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was founded in 1997 as the Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and now as CHD expert GmbH international (Germany) working with partners in all economically important countries of Europe as well as United States, Canada and Asia. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany.

The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. More at:. Rolf W. Schmidt CHD expert (Germany) GmbH Veerser WEG 2 b, D 27383 Scheessel (near Hamburg) Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-300, fax + 49 (4263) 301 333 press service: Carsten Hennig Tel. + 49 (4263) 301-131, mobile + 49 (160) 958 377 56 keywords: food services, except home market, catering, hotels, catering, Eastern Europe, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Belarus, Moldova press release and graphics to download: docs.google.com/View?id=dc92fq85_738fs674zfj

Reasons For The Selfstorage Boom

MyPlace Nuremberg expected customers rising rents, the housing is scarce 2 500th and even more storage space. More Nuremberg store their belongings and goods therefore except House: the MyPlace self storage provider recorded since the opening of the first Nuremberg site over five years ago growing customer numbers. At the end of the current fiscal year, MyPlace now expects customers in its two branches in Schweinau and Schopper Court the 2 500th. And an end of the growth is not in sight. With the tense situation of housing in German cities alone, the success of Selfstorage offers can however not sufficiently explain. Not least because of growing economic success and the social importance of the self storage industry, science is now increasingly deals with questions relevant to the industry. The cultural scientist Petra Beck could many other reasons for the trend to external basement in her graduate thesis at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin”make out and also It shed, who stores what items in self storage compartments and why.

After decades without wars in our countryside, most people have so many things like never before in the history of”proves Petra Beck in her master’s thesis Restopia Selfstorage urban practice” firmly and thus describes one of the most important prerequisites for the lack of storage space in the apartments of German cities. Particular importance for the growing needs of Selfstorage offers also has the increasing mobility of the population in all areas of life. These include among other things common residential and workplace change. Some customers need their compartment, because they leave the city for a limited time for professional reasons, others move in with their partner and suddenly have the half set up twice,”Andreas Eichinger at MyPlace self declared responsible for the Nuremberg locations. The customers range from the businesswoman of the heir to the collector. And so different objects and stories that often tell great breaks in life hide behind the blue doors of the compartments. The storage facilities are used not only for private use, about one-third of MyPlace Selfstorage customers are professionals.

DHL Moves Staff With The Job Wheel

Signed agreement with LeaseRad GmbH / employees benefit from the privilege of caboose Freiburg Bonn, 22 March 2013 the logistics provider DHL Global Forwarding offers service bicycles its employees. To that DHL Global signed a corresponding agreement with LeaseRad GmbH, Freiburg, forwarding. This lease bikes, E-bikes and Pedelecs to the employer and to benefit from the tax advantages as a caboose enables its employees the world leader in air freight and number 2 in ocean freight. Also service wheels since the Finance Ministers of the countries have extended the privilege of service cars in November 2012 also on bikes, E-bikes and Pedelecs, companies can offer their employees. DHL Global Forwarding, subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL, the leasing model job wheel “the Freiburger LeaseRad GmbH (www.jobrad.org) decided and a corresponding framework agreement signed. Thus, the employees benefit from the tax advantages. Select your Request cycle, lease it on the employers via salary conversion and monthly pay 1 percent of the list price. So, you can use the wheel also privately.

Brigitte Kubitschek, Vice President human resources, DHL Global Forwarding, sees in the job wheel a complement to the activities of the group in the health management, as well as the optimization of the CO2 footprint: ensuring the transition from the car on a bicycle also on E-bikes the employees, if the track is too exhausting. It is a special incentive for employees.” The new customer of DHL is a special confirmation of the business model for the LeaseRad GmbH. “Managing Director Ulrich preacher: we fought for Justice in taxation many years and now offer a model that completely fits into the processes within the company and is an alternative to the caboose to the employees.” He sees a chance for the employer branding in addition to aspects of health management and climate protection: for many people the car is more a status symbol. A Dienstpedelec is a clear statement against it.” About DHL DHL is the market leader in the international logistics industry and the logistics company for the world”. DHL’s expertise is based in the international express business, air and ocean freight, road and rail transport, contract logistics and the international correspondence. With a global network and local expertise and the commitment to service orientation and quality offer approximately 285,000 DHL employees in over 220 countries and territories, unique, innovative and tailored to customer needs solutions. The company assumes social responsibility through its programmes on environmental protection, disaster management and in promoting education. DHL Deutsche Post DHL is part of the group.

2012, The Group achieved a turnover of more than 55 billion euros. About LeaseRad LeaseRad JobRad makes the bicycle leasing concept bikes, E-bikes and Pedelecs business vehicles that can use private employees. The company advises and supports companies in implementing two-wheel-based mobility concepts. The business idea was awarded among others several times the utopia and the KarmKonsum founder award. The company was founded 2008 by Ulrich preacher, Freiburg is the headquarter of the company. Since May 2010, Holger Tumat next to Ulrich’s preacher of second Managing Director. To the LeaseRad customer base include the Deutsche Telekom, Alliance, EnBW, GLS Bank, UniCredit, but also local authorities such as Stuttgart and Offenburg. Contact: LeaseRad GmbH Raustrasse6 79098 Freiburg Tel.: 0761 / 70 10 484 BHF.org.UK/pressoffice talkabout communications gmbh Stephan Ecah Balanstr. 73 81541 Munich Tel: 0176/70 33 86 49