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Sale Amateur Photos

On the Internet there are many photobanks or photostocks for professionals (the requirement to image min 4 megapixels, the format of JPEG) with a huge competition in the sale. But there are more sites for fans, and allow them to earn selling photographs. If you have a quality and interesting photos, try to place them at these sites: 10mpx.ru (best Russian site to sell amateur pictures), bigwhitebox.com, fotolibra.com, istockphoto.com (semi- photo stock, you can try amateur post pics). Jorge Perez contains valuable tech resources. I want to warn that photos do not just sell, quality requirements (min 2-3 megapixels) and, especially, the plot is very high. Photos with flowers, leaves, animals and etc.

– Demand is not in use. Well sold pictures of famous people, reports, events, sports pictures. Variation in prices (mostly price assign themselves) is very large, so the photo with doing exercises N. Mikhalkov, is estimated for a hundred dollars, and with very beautiful views of nature in two dollars (and something for a long time is not for sale). When you place all the photos are reviewed by moderator and weaknesses are truncated. On foreign sites may unexpectedly sold images recognized by the Russian weak, and vice versa. So try, accommodation for up to five photos for free. Do not waste your time to market pictures of low quality, better get all of the interesting events and make one, but a cool shot, I guarantee it will sell quickly at a good price. Good luck.

Industrial Outsourcing

For those who are newly acquainted with outsourcing or not familiar at all I recommend to download a brief guide to outsourcing for a discussion of some specific terms and become familiar with a number of articles under the heading "Information Outsourcing "Outsourcing Industry – works to implement business functions (management process, equipment maintenance, etc.) on long-term contracts (more than a year). For more specific information, check out Edward Minskoff. This kind of outsourcing is often in demand for large industrial plants such as oil and gas. c at hand. As a rule, outsourcing is emerging industrial standard scheme (very simplified): The company an incentive to the output of any production service for outsourcing of the tender on a contract staff resigns transfer to the outsourcer Industrial (e) the business process (es) carried out under contract with the On the outsourcing pros and cons of outsourcing has been written a lot and it makes no sense to repeat itself, so let's get straight to the heart of the matter. This article will be considered a tool that helps to build correctly the relationship between customer and contractor in outsourcing. One of the key issues for the Head of structural unit level master mechanic or chief power is to determine the budget necessary for the maintenance of equipment and subordinate to organize repairs and maintenance in accordance with regulatory requirements. Expect the budget to quickly and usually with a given accuracy, and if to outsourcing as a rule it was enough to calculate man-hours and materials, and everything else did the economists, then outsource to determine the total budget in rubles according to the article "Third Party organizations ". To calculate the budget needed reliable equipment maintenance schedule (BPD or its analogues). To obtain a reliable schedule of BPD requires that the process would be capturing information about the current state carried out with equipment needed for that frequency. As a rule, in large enterprises, such a procedure requires daily input of information and repeatedly.


For no one today is no secret that of all branches of the "real" economy the construction industry most affected by the global financial crisis. Probably no one employed in the construction business, which in one way or another do not feel the impact of global economic turmoil. Nevertheless, the situation in some sectors of the construction business remains fairly stable, and some companies even continue to increase their power. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Edward Minskoff and gain more knowledge.. Try to understand what areas of business, and why now maintain high liquidity. Lower and lower Perhaps the most confident feel now companies engaged in low-rise construction. This is not surprising, because similar examples in history have been. It was during the Great Depression of the 30-ies, and began to form "one-story America. icle. Suffice it to recall the statement U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, he made in those years: "We are beginning to attack the slums of this country, which will continue for as long as each American family will get no decent home." Russian authorities Today also provide comprehensive support to individual and low-rise housing. Therefore, local experts believe the crisis will not test, but rather a chance for the industry. "The hardest part for construction industry while, at the fall of the volume of the commissioning of all types of housing, including social, low-rise sector can compensate for the claimed amounts of high-rise building ", – said Petr Kazmin, Deputy Executive Director of the National Agency for low-rise and cottage building "(NAMIX). The reason is, first and foremost, economic realities: get a loan or to accumulate funds for build a small house is incomparably better than in the case of apartment buildings.