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Colorado Metal

At this time in Savran outbreak. People mowed unknown virus. But doctors do not know what happens to them. Sanepidemstantsiya and commission from Odessa and were unable to determine the cause of disease. Someone from the officials decided that the blame for mine. Although the background radiation is not excessive, there was no harmful emissions. It was said that gold is enchanted.

Mistress of subsurface resources avenges begun production. – I am one of those children who are sick, because of mine! – Says a local resident, Natalia. – For three days lying on a drip, unconscious. From Odessa and Kiev came to the whole expedition doctors. They said that the poisoning. And then they went sores sorts. It was in 1997, as I remember. But then again several years later.

Almost 10 years Maisky mine nobody has. It arranged the workshop of welding, which operated only at night. Once morning, residents of the street of Kirov not find the usual multi-ton iron tower, whereby extracted ore from the mine. The kidnappers autogenous cut metal, rendered designs and taken to KAMAZ. After several hours of their found sleeping in a nearby forest. They decided to wait for darkness and take robbed scrap. Before that they had already deposited in the collection points around 20 tons of metal structures of the ground tunnels. However, it does not make them failed. Since the owners of the mines was not. Appeared only organization Ukrzagrangeologiya, which has a license to loot. But at the specified address in Kiev, it is also not found. Local residents were separated and the remaining metal pulled down the wall. And in June 2010, gold ore mine Mayskaya interested U.S. company Supatcha Resources Inc. Colorado. The paperwork has happened fast enough for our state. September 29 Americans have signed an agreement to acquire 98% of the gold mine in the May Savranskaya district of Odessa region of 3.5 million dollars. Businessmen are going to invest nearly as much. Create jobs and equip village. However, the locals are not happy: – Why do we have this gold, if you scratched the ground, spoil the environment, flood the waste. It would be better developed the tourist business. Forests in Savran good. There would be restaurants, hotels, motels, so that people rested. In the theme of an American company Supatcha Resources Inc. (Denver, Colorado) in addition to the Odessa has signed an agreement to acquire licenses to develop and Barlevskogo Vinogradovsky gold deposits in southwestern Ukraine. In Ukraine gold deposits are located in the Carpathian, Odessa and Zaporozhye regions.