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Learn English

The sport is healthy and better when it is combined with the learning of a language. This is the proposal of these camps to learn English, of fashion in Spain for restless children, who enjoy the sport and actively interact with their peers. In these camps, their children will discover a world of new possibilities. Technical and sports programs are fully created and run by professionals. With Workshops – Workshops DJ, capoeira, hip hop, video, etc., so participants learn the different particularities not forgetting learning the language, since is all in English. Among the many activities: excursions, cultural visits, sports, barbecues on the beach, disco, karaoke. STREET BASKET: Is also known as street ball, a variation of the sport of basketball, which is played on courts outdoors.

Its format is more conducive to allow players to showcase their individual skills. Multi activities: Here you may develop activities such as: session of Video: introduction to the techniques of video, recording, using the camera and final assembly. HIP HOP: through music games we will enter in music hip-hop and introduce the technique of the dance-hip-hop (newstyle, popping and locking). CAPOEIRA: it is a form of art Brazilian involving dance, martial juego-arte, acrobatics and music. Street Soccer: Known as Freestyle Soccer or Freestyle Football, is the style of football that you don’t see in games, is a style of soccer aerobatic; that he won great impact with the diffusion of the Nike ads, especially those featuring Ronaldinho in recent years. MAX SKATE: Students receive professional skate classes in these camps of skate in Spain. Each student receives a particular and personalized, attention learning tricks, preparation of the rounds (tips and learning tricks that can be done in the Championship) and free skate & skate street. All these activities are combined with English classes in daily sessions speaking, taught by teachers, all native and graduates, who are elected through a comprehensive and rigorous selection process. They are organized in different levels of English and small groups of no more than 12 students, so the participant to maximize enjoyment during the camp and can grow as a person in all aspects.

European Union

Year after year, studies released by different international agencies placed Spanish students in the last places in the European Union in terms of level of English. This is a problem that comes from far back, and not just due to a cause: for example, the preparation of teachers during the early stages of learning of children, such as early childhood education and primary education, in many cases is not as good as it should be. Overcrowding in classes, and the lack of practical exercises, also are identified as causes of the low level of English of our students by parents, students and educators. English camps, a pedagogical experience complete is therefore a good choice that is emerging with the English camps. Companies like TECS scheduled these camps so that children from the age of six onwards, live in a bilingual environment, with what the opportunities to practice your oral and aural skills in the English language substantially improves. The English camps often have native speakers, or at least highly qualified, which assure us that English which students access is correct, and will give the opportunity to learn. Companies like TECS, exclusive dedication to the camps this type of companies specialises in finding the best options so children can enjoy summer, having fun while learning the language. Monitors hired by TECS and companies in the sector are highly qualified, not only in the handling of the language, but also in the treatment of children, since they have higher qualifications related to education. The experience of the camps is therefore very edifying for students, both from the pedagogical point of view entertainment.