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Full Gratium

What such Opel Opel? At a minimum, quality, and quality with a capital letter! And so there is no talking, but a good thing to pay is never sorry. A good should be a lot. Official representative in Donetsk 'Adam Opel AG' – a firm 'Gratium Ltd' (Donetsk, Str. Shchorsa 9) – as no one else in Ukraine, proves it. Check out Dior Men for additional information. The model number shown in the showroom, always the final word 'Adam Opel AG'. In 2000 in Donetsk directly from the factory were taken just fired in the production of Opel Omega, which immediately earned flattered such urgency clients.

And today you can buy the latest models of baby 'Corsa' to the universal 'Zafira'. Popularity has been achieved over the years of excellent job confidence is justified hundredfold. Now Opel is particularly well known, even panic, in a separate genus. And there is good reason: the traditional direction of the large middle class, and responsiveness to security issues (the new Vectra scored five stars out of 5 with crash-test program EuroNCAP), care about the environment (series engines ECOTEC) and economy (German horse). In addition, breaking new records in speed and safety, Adam Opel strongly attracts and more new buyers, young, elderly, and active people who appreciate and love the speed. Paramount – keep the brand Confirming an elevated reputation of the brand, 'Gratium Ltd' provides its customers with Full-Service. Prior to joining auto show cars are pre-training for another line. As to this, the chief of all, to strengthen the suspension.

Acquiring object of your desires, you can just buy the oil, car parts, spare parts and audio system. 'Gratium' provides first-class tuning spoilers, bumpers, and headlight covers. In Donetsk service center all the time can be expected to diagnose and repair major vehicle systems, traditional straightening-stretching, e check and establish the angle of steering wheels. You can also renew the cylinder head without replacing parts on the American method 'Neway'. As any warranty respecting the client and the firm 'Gratium Ltd' offers warranty: 2 year – on best-selling car (unlimited mileage), 3-year-old – on the battery, 12 years anti-corrosion warranty on your car. The new Vectra GTS whole of Europe, as well as we, in particular, eagerly wait until the emergence of a new Vectra GTS. Tell you about it in detail. GTS promises to be the fastest model in the history of Adam Opel. Frontal resistance of this model is C, = 0.28, ahead of the results of the bomber 'Stealth'. New Vectra for the first time to stand out from the crowd HB, as the car with his temperament and character. Low rise car and the tires show tremendous strength, speed, persistence, and the smooth direction of the huge windows, large air intakes and rounded fog lights form the illusion of a spaceship on the track. The design of the Vectra and sporty atmosphere reigns again fit in retro fashion, metal processing steering, door and dash panels, shiny chrome rings devices. Designers even created a special 'Sport' font for the numbers on the devices. The last touch If you already can not wait to buy a new 'Vectra', or any other model, but do not want immediately pay the full cost, then the 'Gratium Ltd' can provide you with a very favorable credit conditions, along with 'Privatbank' – you can get one-, two-and three-year loan from 5% to 11%. So to fix the tongue, can be vootchayu confirm the foregoing. Look – OPEL!

Open Filter

The fuel filter should be changed to accordance with instructions for care, but it should be exempt from the condensate, if it is detected by a warning light signaling. The filter is located in the engine compartment. To drain the condensed water to the screws on the underside of the filter housing and include a hand pump until the water is not spilled at least 100sm3 fuel then again to close the bolt if fuel does not flow, it is necessary to remove the drain from the hydraulic fuel pump that air can get into the filter. To replace the filter to remove both the hose after the designation of the connections. Detach the plug from the bottom of the filter (the water content of the pointer) and unscrew the pointer. With filter key which is used for the oil filter, unscrew the filter element at the bottom of the 'O-ring O''-wet with diesel fuel filter element and screw the cap on the filter. Screw Index water level and leave the plug.

Now you need to remove air from the fuel system as follows: Open vent on the fuel filter and activate the hand pump until the start out of the holes threaded plugs only fuel-free air. Fully squeeze the pistons pump and tighten the screw plug. Newly actuated hand pump "if the pump pistons move with effort. This will be subjected to pressure piping between the filter and fuel pump Water level indicator can be monitored with an ohmmeter. .