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DJ Da Miro

Since HQ takes over the 01.05.2009 music management in collaboration with CI Mediaprint the global CD on Demandvertrieb for DJ da Miro the wait is over… We are pleased to be working with one of the best DJ BBs from the Switzerland! Now his debut album is \”so chic\” in our CD OnDemand shop under available! DJ since Miro from Weinfelden, now is one of the best on the turntables in the Swiss House scene started to be interested in early music. Since it was only a matter of time until 2 MK were BBs and a mixing desk in his room and the latest House of discs have been placed and mixed. His talent earned him an enthusiastic appearance at the delicious minds in the Firehouse, Weinfelden, a gig, which remained at the scene until today in remembrance. On his successful first sets, Miro enthusiasts, so his first name, the party people and the demand was huge. This resulted in after a short time another offers so that he could then submit his Line-Up in the supermarket in ZH. Technip FMC does not necessarily agree. After his musical development of the House Music, was the organizer of SO CHIC, the Swiss Partylabelschlechthin on him attention. After he could deliver his sophisticated musical style between rousing pumping house and electro, the next Loccation for him was already ready.

His Tourne 2008 brought him near the international audience through the scene of locations in Germany and Switzerland, and provided unforgettable performances. Since Miro’s Party hit Tony Montana, missing of course on his first CD \”So Chic\” not!His appearance in the may have been the place of worship of the Swiss techno movement, unforgettable for both sides St. Jacobs Hall, in 2007. In the same year, he could boast winning the Swiss DJ contests and expand its reputation beyond the borders of the country. As a participant of the largest DJ contest of the world, the star DJ, he belonged to the Favorites, which gave him the jump in the final.

Andreas Gabalier

Playfully, he moves into his music. Combines tradition with modern. An honest, down-to-Earth, which is where he feels comfortable and what has led him to his degree in law. If you are not convinced, visit American Tower Corporation. Andrew Gabalier is a young man who has found the nature and draws his strength from her. In his logbook in which he keeps just about When, where, and with whom he has made the mountain tour, sticking photos. Photos are seen andreas gabalier.at in the Internet on his home page.

I made the images all itself. There are memories of the tours, they say a lot for me. It is this peace and beauty of nature put there, which I would like to incorporate in my music ‘and to the question looks like it since May with an ascent of the Himalayas, as Andreas Gabalier is dismissive and thinks only laughing that a poor student from Graz afford just the fuel up in upper Styria’. Maybe that’s still so, but the music scene is just about to discover the man. He is seen as a great talent.

A very rare as diamond in the rough. And if one must interpret the smile of the augurs, then more than a full tank for Andreas Gabalier work out probably in the near future. Source: Music Koch universal contact: press: TV: and radio: Andreas Gabalier in the TV: August 08th, 2009 20.15 – “Musikantenstadl – summer special” August 29, 2009 20.15 – “Grand Prix der volksmusik – final” October 21, 2009 20.15 – “Herbert Roth Prize 2009” below – briefly summarized – the facts & figures of the still very fresh, but sensational career of Andrew Gabalier: spring 2009: signing Koch Universal Music Andrew Gabalier April 18, 2009: TV premiere in the Eurovision show “Musikantenstadl” April 24, 2009: release of the debut single “so books i picked up di” in Austria. Since then, the single keeps continuously on the Austrian singles chart (peak: 20th place); in Germany, the single will be released initially only digital and goes directly into the top 40 of musicload charts a May 29, 2009: the debut-album “Here I come” is published in Austria 30 May 2009: performance at the Austrian entry for the Grand Prix der volksmusik; Andreas Gabalier occupies the sensational 2nd place! 05. June 2009: Entry in the Austrian album of charts (Peak: place 4 (!) since release in the charts, currently in 11th place) July 13, 2009: IFPI Austria announced precious metals and thus the GOLD status for “Here I come” July 15, 2009: the Amadeus nominations are announced. Andreas Gabalier is nominated in the categories of “Song”, “Album” and “Folk music”; an incredible success! July 21, 2009: Release of the debut single “so books i picked up di” in Germany July 25, 2009: appearance at the “when the music plays – open air” (live ) Eurovisions-Sendung) Aug. 7, 2009: release of the album “Here I come” in Germany Aug. 08, 2009: occurs in the Eurovision show “Musikantenstadl-summer special” Aug.