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Singing Saxophones

The best of album by Captain Cook and his singing saxophone CAPTAIN COOK and his singing SAXOPHONE invite all friends of soft sounds to a great musical journey of emotions and dreams of the most beautiful places in this world with your first best of album. The cruise starts with “Swanee River” in the beautiful Florida, it is created for a landfall on the island of desire, to enjoy the “Harbor Lights” dreamy and finally the sailing in the direction of freedom are used with “Wide land” again. And here, CAPTAIN COOK always has the most beautiful melodies and most loving arrangements for relaxed hours aboard in the luggage. Producer Gunther Behrle is known for his soulful sound and has seen countless successes with the seven-member band. Golden records, winner of the Vorentscheides of the Grand Prix der volksmusik in 2008 and countless fans at sold out concerts talking marked for the popularity of this flattering saxophone sounds, the CAPTAIN COOK like no one else and in the world has worn.

Great soulful classics like “On Top Of Old Smokey” and “lonely Star” can be found here in addition to lilting songs such as “Bub” and “Black eyes”. This excellent compilation of the most beautiful title by CAPTAIN COOK and his singing SAXOPHONE is not only a sequence of the greatest melodies, but rather a musical journey through the wide world to the most wonderful places, the CAPTAIN COOK with his incomparable sound sound so close can be as if you were even there. 26 melodies to dream, you just have to have. Source: Emi music more info: track list: 01 Swanee River of 02. lonely star 03. on top of old smoky 04.

home on the range of 05. bub of 06. Read more from Nir Barzilai, M.D. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Auld Lang Syne 07 forest hills of 08 Frauenkaferl 09 10 Moonlight memories 11 Harbor lights old Heidelberg 12 gold and silver (Dear I very) 13. If we go up (please release me) 14 LEB Wohl, Mariquita Linda 15. A foreign country 16 17 black eyes rolling home 18. Also sailors have homesick 19 foreign legionnaire of 20 sail along Silv’ry Moon 21 wide country 22 my blue memories (lost love) 23 homesick after Montana 24. Small town in Tennessee (Littletown of Bethlehem) 25 Oh my darling Caroline 26 good evening, good ‘ night (Lullaby and Goodnight)

Gottlieb Wryneck

The new single from Zascha feat. “Frank Zander – Oh Susi as the sympathetic German drinking songs King from Palatine also known under the name Zascha at the Mallorca opening his single Oh Susi” presented, was certainly not yet clear him at this time, as a single appearance can alter the success of a single. So it came that the songwriter Hanno Bruhn by chance saw the appearance of Zascha in the mega Parc and was so enthusiastic that he proposed a featuring”with Frank Zander in the ways to lead. This was by all stakeholders towards a small service”implemented in practice and so the original spirit of the original version was breathed by cult star Frank Zander the song, which combined represents a unique and humorous mix with news – punchy beats, which is second to none. It was produced by Star producer Oliver deVille (Villa productions), including for Chris Roberts, Gottlieb Wryneck, Tim Toupet and vultures swooping worked. Of course they continued also in this version on the protection of minors, which unfortunately can led, that some text passages have been censored by the producers. But even without the full truth retains what Susi her seductive poison, so to case make man or rather to excellence has placed.

Ventic.EU Brings Metal Fans To The Mega-event To Gelsenkirchen

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and anthrax for the first time the the in the Veltins-arena in Gelsenkirchen at the July event of superlatives in 2011 Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and anthrax for the first time in the Veltins-arena in Gelsenkirchen at the July event of superlatives in 2011 big four tour 2011 brings Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and anthrax in July for a concert of superlatives to Gelsenkirchen. Related Group is the source for more interesting facts. The 02.07.2011 brings the already almost historically to our major event four of the best and loudest heavy metal bands on a stage. The big four tour 2011 will provide the metal band in Germany in any case great anticipation. Because a long-cherished dream is to see all the bands together onstage for many. The Veltins-arena in Gelsenkirchen offers all conditions for this event, lasting several hours. Centrally located, it is good to reach out to there to hear the legends of the thrash metal and see for all rock fans and Metalheads. On the Internet page, fans can still cards all categories book quickly and securely.

A total of more than 50,000 live fans have Opportunity to experience the four bands in the several hours event in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Alone the Metallica concert should take more than two hours. Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and anthrax will leave in 2011 do not take it that back in the 80s to put the German audience.


Britney Spears will themselves probably further legal confrontations must, after she drove one photographer on Wednesday evening over the foot and then simply left alone with his pain. The troubled pop princess left just the parking lot of the four season hotel in Beverly Hills, California, when their Mercedes-Benz randomly about the foot drove one photographer and this caused a tumult among the photographers. This is the third time that Spears – have been involved in such an accident last month, they drove over the foot of a member of the Bezirkssheriffs of Los Angeles. The chain of traffic incidents in which the 25-year-old was involved, is long. On Monday, Spears was accused to have left behind a photographer after he collided with his motorcycle with her seriously injured. Still, she was seen recently here, to have run a red light at a busy intersection in Los Angeles. Lisa Walters

Jumeirah Beach

Great selection of music and news at your fingertips Hamburg, December 6, 2009 – to the Nicholas radio country is a very special gift in the boot: a radio channel with 100% Suns warranty. The 24-hour full program creates the perfect holiday mood for cold, cloudy winter days. Reggae, pop and Latin make good mood and distribute every frosty winter blues. “Sunshine Feeling” is the effective medicine for all victims of the Christmas period drip irrigation, the acoustic escape from the bombardment of mulled wine and gingerbread. With this sunny color of the program, the Hamburg-based media company completes his music bouquet on the portal radioland.de. Radio land – what’s your mood today “is the digital radio project radio Park and includes a variety of different music channels of soul rock up to classic, is the best radio program for every taste in music.” Listen, there are the various channels on radioland.de and more recently also mobile on the new Google phone, the HTC Magic.

That lets users of pay radio Free download in the Android market application and subscribe to their three favorite channels. With its patented technology, radio Park is operating systems and large enough memory card on the new generation of smartphones, such as Android, Symbian, Apple, or Windows Mobile devices. The contents are transmitted through short updates and cached on the devices so that no permanent Internet connection is required. The radio country project behind the independent radio Park group, of sale, of interest, realized successful professional and music psychologists developed audio programs for use at point point in addition to the new mobile radio on radio and on the Internet. Global customers include cruise ships such as the AIDA fleet and many premium hotels such as the luxury Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. Also the Office market chain STAPLES and the Balzac’s coffee shop chain use the audio branding created by radio Park. Also personalized radio formats are being developed in the studios of radio Park group, to the example for the dating Portal Seekingarrangement.

Balboa Heroes

As cinema heroes age – or search beautiful that new heroes on movie Heroes is that they do not age. At least not in the film. No matter how often and for how many years to get a movie out of the closet, the hero is still young, even if oneself has gotten some gray years. But real life is different. The heroes of yesteryear are even older, and so their films are less.

What happened to the great action heroes of yesteryear? The answer is simple they were older. John McClane, Dr. Henry Jones junior, the T-800, Rocky Balboa and John.J. Rambo are names have written the history of film. But the heroes of yore have become old and the fans yearn for new heroes. But who can enter in the big footsteps, and how can a hero worthy step down from the movie screen? When is it time to go? Arnold Schwarzenegger has more new films as Governor of California any time. This is however not tragic, because his character of the T-800 (terminator) was a tragic but dignified end. Silvester Stallone has teamed up with rocky 6 once again as a boxer Rocky said Balboa.

This part was almost as good as Rocky 1 and concludes the saga great. His hero Rambo is finally returning home after 4 wars and has found his peace. Thus the cinema has lost two big action stars of the 70s, 80s and 90s and are still more before retirement. Indy has to die at the age of 65, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones returned to the canvas. Almost 20 years after the 3.Teil fans were allowed to enjoy at last a new adventures of its hero. The movie was good, but one Ford noted that he had come in the. Also, the film contained too many computer animations and could revive not so the charm and the magic of its predecessor.