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Windows Color

Coordinate paint and decoration. Although there are no strict rules for combining walls painting and decoration there is an important decision: relegate the paint as the background or engage with the decor? Municipality of our interior design course: If you want the walls to be a background to highlight brightly colored furniture, the option are neutral colors. If changing fabrics and tapestries have concolorous off walls, although in different shades, you get a balanced and peaceful environment where textures are the point of interest. These colors are also the best choice if you want to continuously adapt fashionable decor and different seasons. A second option is that painting involved with decoration in a vivid way. For this purpose the walls must share the same color of the predominant elements in each environment: Windows, curtains and upholstery in the classroom; bedding and curtains in the bedrooms; countertops and shelves in kitchens; furniture of ceramics and tiles in the bathroom. These links between furnishings and paint or color in decoration, be integrated in a natural way the space with decoration, balance the composition and will produce the feeling of colors that flow in a delicate circuit.

Windows are an unavoidable reference point when painting. Learn more at: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. If they are pleasing to the eye you can highlight their frames with a color that contrasts with the walls. If they are of different styles, they unified with a frame of the same color. If they give to a garden, a land on the walls color not rivaled the foliage in spring and goes to the colorful game in the dry months. If the Windows are not welcome, a warm color will capture the attention and distract the gaze around the room. Do you know how to determine that a client that requires a service of decoration you want to? Download free guide to knowing it and free tool, access is easy but effective! Upholstery and fabrics are a great ally to combine decoration and the painting of the room.