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Lighting Rooms Apartments

Continuing the theme of "Lights in the interior, we describe in more detail about the organization of lighting in the apartment, in order going from room to room. Very handy if you're soon going to do repairs in their homes, it is important to think about lighting in each room individually. After all, the room in which we are going to sleep should be dealt with differently than, for example, the entrance hall. To choose the best for your lighting option, we bring to your attention the following article. Illuminate the hallway light in the hallway should be bright but not blinding, as close to natural light, our eyes to ease the transition from the street into the apartment and back The very first room where you find yourself entering into the house – a hallway. Most often, this room is designed so that no windows in it, at best, there leaks light from other rooms.

Therefore, we have to use lights at any time of day. And that's why the light in the hallway should be bright but not blinding, as close to natural light, our eyes to ease the transition from the street apartment and back. To achieve this, the color temperature of lamps shall be 3000 C and 3400 C. Such light is close to the sun light and does not allow such a serious color distortions as the light of fluorescent lamps. Hallway lighting is not necessary ride, leaving behind lighting is cheaper and simpler.

Feng Shui In The Home

Geopathic effect mainly (80 percent) are consequences of the faults of the crust. – What such a fault? – This is a violation of monolithic layers of the crust. Accordingly, as soon as there is such a violation, there is formed a negative energy. It is as if a man appeared on the skin crack … 'Sore spot' of the Earth. AND if the house is in such a place, of course, these effects have a negative impact on people's lives.

– Are there times when you can not neutralize the influence of faults? – There are some opportunities for protection, but they make up perhaps 30-50% influence. All 100% does not compensate for anything! Should start with the fact that these things are paid attention to real estate developers. It's one thing to build a house, and quite another – to live in it. Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX is often quoted on this topic. I had to give up counseling buildings standing on fault, because there's nothing you can do. You have to understand that there is nothing stronger than the energy of the Earth. And we must be proud, naive to think that the earth – it is something with which you can handle. Even if you did not apply to specialist, you probably should alert such facts, for example, when a good post placement and layout of apartment house is sold poorly. Or frequent changes of owners, etc. On the bells' If you care masters of feng shui your apartment hung with bells, you've come to the quack – says a leading expert of the Center of the Imperial Feng Shui Ekaterina Kostina .- In order for something has changed, you need to harmonize the entire apartment.