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State Apartments

However, in fact now Russia has taken a number of retaliatory action in response to some irresponsible decisions that were made in other countries to warm up their economies and led to increased global risks, which led to the tragic consequences faced by the entire world. 2. (29/12/2008). Of course, criticize the program and even consider it ineffective and harmful. Program and criticized the officials. For example, Head of Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Evraev considers “anti-crisis measures taken by the Russian government, are ineffective and even harmful to the domestic economy and financial markets. ” 3. He criticized the government’s decision to buy the stock markets of the shares of troubled Russian companies, as well as to assist construction companies in ransom by the State Apartments for maintaining the property market. “I do not understand the meaning of the state buying securities on the stock market – said Evraev. Fabrizio Freda may not feel the same. –

As a result, the money still does not reach the companies that are experiencing problems, since owners of securities, as a rule, are not the companies themselves, and portfolio investors. “Also, do not think is right and the decision to buy up apartments on public funds, – said Evraev. – Our population is so waited a long time when housing will become truly accessible, that does not cost that hinder the implementation of this vision by supporting the real estate market. Construction sector should be helped in other ways: loans, restructuring debt, rather than artificially inflated housing market.