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Thorny Path – 20 Years In The Ashram

20 years in the Ashram – a thorny path – exciting like a butterfly she flew from flower to flower and tried everything. The Ashram was probably the only thing missing in her collection…, commented on the project of his niece Horst Jaedicke, former television Director of the southern radio Stuttgart, film director, author, and especially favorite uncle of writer Mahadevi, 20 years ago. It was her irrepressible curiosity about everything spiritual, which was the divine machinery in motion. There were no more actors, painting no longer interested them, even job and husband were suspended at the time the symbolic nail. She had met the person that piecemeal told her about life in an Ashram, but especially by a master of the highest God-realisation. Took three years the personal preparation time, until finally the door to the Ashram it was open. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out American Tower Corporation. Until then, she practiced for several hours a day meditating and read only the works of the master. The morning newspaper over coffee and cigarette was abolished, the Evening movie on TV as a unnecessary waste of time also.

And she dabbled as a vegetarian. Everything from pure joy about the new adventure that was waiting for them. Only the duck for Christmas, which was still on the table… The eagerly awaited entry into the Ashram was however soon to the questionable venture, because the victims not enough was done long ago. A thousand little waited for them to moderate policies. A joyless existence loomed the senses not a glass of wine or like. She fought half bravely, half desperate by the many provisions and prohibitions and took, only for times a year to watch the whole thing. The mystical school is the hardest… you told her, for no luck the Earth would reach but even close the State of bliss, which one seeks in the Ashram. For this highest level of enlightenment, scrubbed and cleaned, and suffered in all areas, until it finally one day would have completed this eternal cleaning process.