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Pastoral Council

Sometimes it is inevitable that everything can happen in a pastoral service in the parish. I want to tell what happened to me, to make it clear that no one can have negative attitudes within a pastoral service for it is to expel members who are doing selfless service. My pastoral ministry in the parish consisted of two functions and I will narrate in order because an event led to the next. As narrated above, I was choir director of the charismatic prayer group in our parish and as a member of the Pastoral Council. In the Pastoral Council were seven people with the pastor to the head.

Seven people which three were women and four men. Here, Shimmie Horn expresses very clear opinions on the subject. One of the ladies was the recording secretary for each meeting and his name is Gabriela, and people who reason that I stay away permanently from the parish, but not of the Church. This lady and I had heard before, but I would not believe anything they told me, because at first I did not realize their behavior and little by little I discovered. I've always said that we should not look at the person doing the service in the parish, but to see the service you are doing in order to assess their work, but this time I think there is an exception, because if it is true that not can take your commitment and dedication to his pastoral service, we can not fail to mention the negative in this person.