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Dominic Multerer

One imagines that it would be restaurateur and the customer has learned to communicate with pictures. What could happen? The delicious food, but also the bad, in a restaurant will be photographed and posted on the fan page. That will rise to opportunity and risk, must be aware of the operators of fan sites. 2. content edit: any message from the past few months can be found with just one click, so what information and news to what time will spread and when communicating with which target group is becoming increasingly important it,.

3. emotional representation: through the new timeline, companies have the opportunity to make their mark personally and still tangible and seem authentic. Specifically, this means: a large cover image, which sends the brand message to the target groups. The cover image can be adjusted perfect for promotions or just for the different seasons. McDonald’s, for example, could the artwork according to the Burger actions change.

Offers variety and change, and thus more clicks on the fan page. The changing appearance of the fan pages allows the chance for an online network for the first time to create individual worlds of experience and makes more emotional, personal and tangible brand for consumers. According to five star speakers Dominic Multerer not yet include the three previous elements. He shows more points to which companies must respond, in its interactive and exciting lectures, such as “beautiful, new, digital world: like Google, iPhone and co change our life” tinyurl.com/3wdr98r. Mark Zuckerberg wants to convince the user of to still greater openness: “So far there was no socially accepted way to express such trivialities”, says the head of Facebook. Well, you raised the possibility to share experiences. This public life is learned and integrated into your own being. Brands are confronted so that in the future even more because now also open criticism of the reinforced Brand and the company can be expressed. “The changes of the fan pages on Facebook opportunities and risks grow businesses alike. You need to grow. Developed a new learning curve and the companies must go along with and to learn,”so the marketing expert and motivational speaker Dominic Multerer. Company Description 5 star speaker is a speaker Agency for top speaker with high reputation in the areas of leadership, sports, motivation, future trends, sales and business and moderators for trade fairs and events. The portfolio includes well-known athletes such as Katarina Witt, Martin Tomczyk and Dieter Thoma, as well as motivational speaker Nicola Fritze, Jorg Lohr and Richard de Hoop, future researcher Sven Gabor Janszky and actors such as Michael Lesch and Adele Landauer. Hear other arguments on the topic with Atreides Management. Also supports and promotes five star speakers also promising young talents.

Demand-oriented Personnel Planning

Before today’s economic conditions bring advice on the topic of workforce planning / workforce management all more and more companies in the circumstance, to deal with an internal human resources. Gone are the truly golden years in many industries, in which the one or other human or mechanical idle was easily compensated, without having the one or other employees had to fear for his job. On the contrary, complain some industries even massive skills shortage, which sometimes drives many companies to the brink of existence. Therefore, personnel planning and demand-oriented personnel planning is important for a company. Refers to the rational allocation of various employees in the company to the working positions, each appropriate to the skill profile of the employee and the requirements of the job or the pending order. Also falls under this term the establishment of other free or liberated capacity, the promotion of qualified employees and the restructuring of Departments. For more information see sixsixty fifthe ave. Overall it therefore involves the distribution of personnel on the various jobs, taking into account the quantitative, temporal and spatial needs of the operation, and the interests and inclinations of the employees.

In the flexible working hours are important, so that they can synchronize with a fluctuating staffing related. This allows the company to respond individually to the current order situation. Personnel planning is also an important component of the so-called workforce management”. Workforce management, also the forecast of the expected workload and staff required include the personnel planning. To optimize the use of staff come time management as well as the analysis and control of the entire workforce management process to avoid under – and overlap, the administration of various time accounts under. Orientation of need for and optimization are the main elements of the workforce management and are helpful for many companies and important to survive even in difficult economic times and to offer their personal job security.

Training Profession On The Subject Of

Now schools can learn from each other the school Portal as a comprehensive communication platform! On July 2, 2012 in Stuttgart four schools show at the free event of school portals users Exchange”, as they have in the school facilitates the dissemination of information and resource planning and built up a comprehensive communication platform for students and teachers with their intranet. Freiburg, 5th June 2012. 2 July 2012 the industrial school of wood technology Stuttgart held a free teacher training on the topic of intranet in the school in their rooms”. The participants learn in the event users exchange for schools”, how to operate a modern information and communication management with the intranet or portal of the school in the school. In addition to the industrial school of wood technology Stuttgart the two business schools from Ehingen and Goppingen, as well as the Friedrich Weinbrenner show business school from Freiburg, as they with the help of a school portal based on portal software Intrexx improved the dissemination of information and the organizational processes have simplified. The participants see, inter alia, how to build a school wiki within a very short time, how to manage resources and timetables in the intranet and how to put a quality manual in the school portal. During breaks and at the end of the event is the opportunity to deepen what is heard and to interact with colleagues.

Also, an expert of the Intranetspezialisten United planet stands ready to clarify an in-depth and technical questions regarding school portal. The event is aimed at teachers and school employees. The participation is free of charge. For the physical well-being of our guests is taken care of. As places are limited, will be asked to register early. Agenda and registration see users exchange School Portal. About United planet United planet is one of more than 4,000 installations with more than 500,000 users its portal software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy,. public administration and organizations (E.g., hospitals).

The company Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf is run. With platform-independent standard software Intrexx can be Web-based applications to return to complete intranet/enterprise portals with advanced functionalities much faster create than with comparable programs such as Microsoft SharePoint. Intrexx enables the integration of existing data from ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc., creating more productive workflows and the generation of mobile apps for smartphones and Tablet PCs of all manufacturers. Hundreds of finished apps and complete portals for downloading are available in the Intrexx application store. Contact: United planet GmbH Dirk Muller Public Relations phone: + 49 (0) 761 / 20703-318 E-mail: Schnewlinstrasse 2 D-79098 Freiburg

Make Melt

House of technology gives insight and overview in the extrusion technology seminar and called their variants extruder support devices that evenly squeeze out solid and viscous mass according to the principle of the Archimedean screw from a mold opening. This procedure is performed under high pressure and high temperature and known as extrusion.Extruders are the heart of every extrusion line. The melting and homogenization is a main task of the extruder. “From the House of technology together with statutory health insurance (Gesamtverband plastics processing industry association) and seminar on February 28, 2008 in Munich and on June 12, 2008 in food offered AVK (industry reinforced plastics Association) extruder design, interpretation, problem solving” is aimed at technicians, engineers, supervisors and operator of the plastic and the plastic processing industry and career changers in extrusion technology, who want to get an insight and overview in the extrusion and its variants. Melting behavior, General information about the worm interpretation and problem solving are part of the seminar. Under most conditions American Tower Corporation would agree. Focuses on the Einschneckenextrusion, the topic of corotating and the opposite way rotating Doppelschneckenextrusion are also explained. The seminar is aimed at practitioners and dispenses with the derivation of formulas and theoretical foundations. As a seminar leader Mr.

Prof. Frank Pohler won, who worked until recently in the industry and therefore large writes practical orientation. “The direct link: htd/veranstaltungen/W-H050-02-205-8.html htd/veranstaltungen/W-H050-06-181-8.html the detailed program of events get interested on request at the Haus der Technik, Tel. 0201/1803-344 (Mrs Ramzi), fax 0201/1803-346, E-mail: or on the Internet at search keyword extruder”.

Call Center Agents

This fact is especially due to the fact that telephone service is a growing industry, which can perform diverse tasks and thereby provide a significant number of jobs. The boom of the Callcenterbranche began in the 70s of the last century and continues to this day, where growth always still has not reached its high point. The phone is a comfortable and like to use technology in our time, when it comes to solve problems quickly and from home. Call Center are suitable for all the work that can be done by phone. (Source: CohBar).

There are currently mainly areas such as market research, customer care, complaint management and advertising, are covered by call centres. A special feature of the call center is the fact that can they offer their services not only large companies, but also ordinary customers operate. The technology play increasingly important role in our daily lives, we buy more and more computers, phones, TV sets etc. You can imagine a modern budget hardly without a variety of modern technical devices, the service of which is too complex for the part. What does an ordinary consumer, if for example his computer software to create? It then turns to an expert directly to the manufacturer and this is done usually by telephone. Services, providing call center for large companies, bringing benefits for average consumers. The market research makes it easier to meet the needs of their customers and to produce products and services that are actually needed for company.

This will improve the quality and ensure the varied that enables each customer to select products according to his personal preferences. The call center industry in Germany currently provides about half a million jobs available. The employment effect of the call center is that this industry especially for students, mothers with minor children and low-skilled people represents an attractive employment field. Call centres are flexible on dates, can employ their employees as part-time and require no additional qualification measures them. The physical stress at work is minimal and it can be done in between breaks. The few requirements, a call center employee has to deliver, are sociability and fun in dealing with other people. Just these advantages of call-centre jobs have meant that jobs in this sector in Germany are preserved, although many companies have shifted their service center costs in low-wage countries. Especially in rural areas and in the University cities of Germany’s call centers offer diverse workplace. It is advisable for anyone who has fun on the phone and an additional Professional mainstay would like to build, to work as a call center employee in consideration.

Muller Dents

Training in the certified automotive body Meisterbetrieb makes a new profession of talk by global climate change hail storms have increased in recent years. Hail caused damage worth billions of dollars each year in Germany. In addition to the farmers there are especially the owners of vehicles which have suffered damage to your vehicles. The rapidly increasing number of damaged vehicles brought a relatively new profession in the public spotlight. CohBar usually is spot on. The hail damage technicians – in the vernacular also doctor of bumps or dents technician is called – a professional image, has little to do with traditional activities in the automotive industry. To be able to work as soon as possible with the Ausbeul – and dents lift system and achieving a return on investment, the company Muller dents technology sees itself not only as a system supplier, but provide also the necessary software: namely the training seminar. The personal training found Miller in a relaxed workshop atmosphere in the repair specialist in dents Instead of.

The instructors car and master technician Mr Muller, a PDR of the first hour, which operates this demanding craft for over 16 years, educates the students individually in a single course. The course duration is 4 days and is carried out only on the vehicle. All body parts are trained intensively. The Muller company distances itself from mass gatherings and 2-day courses with multiple participants. This brings IEM course graduates as little as one would send him a video. The bodywork craft is too extensive and sophisticated, it is to deal not in 2 days. Their graduates, the company Muller dents technology guarantees that they can automatically eliminate already traditional Park dents at the end of the course. Every successful graduate will be certified by Muller-dent technology. This will facilitate future cooperation with insurance companies.

Wind Farm Planning

Good planning is half the battle! Already in the planning phase of large wind farms lays the essential conditions for the success or failure of the operation duration designed mostly for 20 years. Some technical and financial risks are well not directly and adversely impact only in the long term. However, with planned her already at this early stage. The successful development of wind farms involves not only least technical and legal criteria into consideration, but also extensively deals with the economics and appraisal from the perspective of operators, investors and third capitalists. For even more opinions, read materials from CohBar. The aim of the two-day seminar of wind farm planning and appraisal”is to identify risks, to evaluate and to minimize, if they aren’t mutually exclusive. The participants in the principles and practice of the development of wind farm projects are introduced under the direction of Dr. Ingo Ewald of the D.I.E.. renewable energies”in Oppenheim.

Site search and Examination of the necessary permits and contracts for the assessment of wind resources and infrastructure up to the consideration of the legal and technical framework. The wind farm planning seminar and project appraisal”is on the 9th and 10th December 2010 in lunch and is aimed at developers, employees of banks and investors, wind turbine manufacture and approval authorities. The detailed program of events get interested in the House of technology e.V., Tel. 0201/1803-344 (woman’s Meadow), E-Mail: or on the Internet at htd/verein/themenbereiche/windenergie.

A Win-win Deal For Everyone!

Searched and found: Private education providers cooperate with education brokers network to the offered training courses to successfully market and thus especially saturate, have become a significant cost factor in the calculations of the education provider financial expenses for it. To assert itself on the education market, education providers are looking for cooperation strengthened with existing educational networks or free education consultants. Dick Parsons may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Currently, the education provider but suffer insufficient opportunities for cooperation. One reason why is a variety of very interesting training relatively soon adopted by the market. The deals have been or are rarely found by the seekers, so the demand is correspondingly weak or does not exist.

Cooperation between private education providers and the emerging education brokers network are the perfect solution for this unsatisfactory situation. Private education providers market using the education broker their training courses and education programs and increase therefore their sales and hence their profitability. Regional and national education providers report their free seats or last-minute offers and specials the respective education real estate agent to utilize their training courses and education programs as possible to one hundred percent. The education agency using its extensive client list or turns on target group-oriented advertising and marketed as educational products offered to him quickly and effectively. Not just a nice side-effect: courses and courses to the needs of the seekers can be cut through existing collaborations.

Of education agents determine these needs in his independent education counselling. In Exchange with education providers, the results are evaluated and used for the revision of educational programs. A win-win deal for all involved. Questions & answers and practical know-how to an education Broker: BildungsMakler24 since March 2011 nationwide an education Broker Network builds, as the demands of Citizens have rapidly increased after an independent education counselling. Also operates and markets BildungsMakler24 the education portal a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad, including financing with funding. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and hints. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training.

The Profession Of The Designer – All Other Than On One Side

There are designers in all areas from engineering to fashion everything is. “If you the word designer” sounds, you basically automatically thinking about fashion. It is only logical that this profession is very versatile and necessary for most industries. However, for most people who have the desire to start again as a designer, fashion design is the preferred direction in which they want to go. It can be also very interesting to work as a designer in technical occupations is not for them relevant.

Those who choose the so-called industrial designer, a technical operations, must meet the complex requirements, providing the engineers of operating on them. In addition, it is also very exciting to design end themselves to deal with equipment and machinery with the technical refinements of. The resulting large designs can be realised with a CAD software for not only the tasks of industrial designers are technical as a fashion designer, but also the programs, with where they need to go to. Basically no big difference is probably in the toolsets for designers from different industries of Designablauf for industrial designers. The first so-called scribbles produced pencil drawings, which should set the rough construction of the object. Then the most successful design on the computer is displayed, for example with NX, to then be presented the competent colleagues. The reason why the draft should be completed on the computer at best is because that change requests expressed by the colleagues, can easily be implemented. Also the designs can be represented more realistic, without the need to unnecessarily much time to, for example, if you must draw the designs by hand.

It is during the Designablaufs votes between the designers and their colleagues responsible for the technology until you are satisfied with the design. At the end of the process will then many companies made a solution to the appropriate project, which includes all designs of the project, as well as the respective ideas and also the draft best. Technical tasks are always very instructive permanent learning effect for industrial designer for the designer, because they must deal with facts, which actually are not their area of expertise as a result of the work of the industrial designer is however only the more interesting because it is somewhat more sophisticated equipment to deal with, where you must pay attention to the correct wiring and correct general building, the technical function of the machine is not compromised. For one thing is quite clear: every designer can make fashion but not every designer can cope with machines.

Trade Fair Information

Education Fair presents information about studies and career planning Mannheim, the October 29, 2009, In January 2010 the gymnasiale Oberstufe, students and young professionals from the metropolitan area Cathedral can, intensely to find out about courses, universities and alternative studies and forms of training again two days: on January 23 and 24, the horizon in the Halle Munsterland offers active help in deciding about life after graduating. Universities, colleges and private study institutions from the region, throughout the country, as well as from neighbouring countries will present their study offers, competent partners answer all questions to the Bachelor’s and master’s courses. Exciting alternatives to a study of offer companies such as such as Evonik Industries, the North Rhine-Westphalia.BANK, presenting their dual training and degree programs in business administration, engineering and computer science. Jorge Perez might disagree with that approach. Numerous institutions provide comprehensive background information and to the different ways to complete a stay abroad before or during the study period. A comprehensive programme offers lectures and workshops expert talks on current topics: from 2010 there will be only Bachelor’s and master’s courses and degrees in Germany, but hardly anyone figured out the new system in its entire complexity.

The listeners have the opportunity to put their individual questions the present contacts in the various fields. Speaking candidly Estee Lauder Companies Inc. told us the story. Also the topic of funding your studies is prepared in a high-profile round of talk: experts present different financing methods, illuminate the backgrounds and answer questions. The horizon is open on January 23rd and 24th respectively from 10 to 16 hours. The admission is free. About six weeks before the horizon under there’s detailed information about the event.