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That there should know the special code for a long time to learn as much scary! But such courses for children simply do not have to explain this once impossible! Ah! sorry that there was no such technology at the time of my childhood! So I had a long and hard to learn web design, to complete one more course, again to spend money to create your first sayt.Ved I did not know that there is a simple program for creating websites. But of course, I had to buy another video course and to understand it. I will not lie, the course beautiful, but in First, it for adults, again in the second lot of costs. Besides, I live on the outskirts of an industrial city in the area who are interested in a little art, because now there's not pozakryvali plants, and the teacher's salary in the studio for a long time not survive. But having a website you can find good customers even from other countries, that I actually do. video course on computer graphics created for the children! It is unique because it is a child and your child sees it studies on specific examples and what he gets.

This video course odinstvenny, who leads the child and shows, says all non-technical terms, many hours of abstruse lectures on the toolbars, so that like to insert into their boring lectures computer guru. He just tells you how friendly … Create simple pictures into CorelDRAW. To export graphics in the format of Photoshop.

New History

Each of them, in their own way set forth all the elegance, uniqueness, and at the same time the complexity of the device of man as the vicegerent of God on earth on the basis of his inherent understanding of the measures. But there was not enough of these summaries deep and solid definition of the essence of man, which would help to understand its true purpose and possibility. Such a definition could come from a person or group who broke away from the prevailing conventional stereotypes for centuries, came to have a level of education and understanding of the world, when the idea of welfare is much above their own principles of life – people with a solid outlook and a large-scale thinking and, finally, the people left on understanding the essence of Divine Providence (1). And it appeared for the first time in Russian culture, from a group of scientists – developer to the Office of the General Theory (CEDC). From the standpoint of CEDC, man – this is a two-tier energy-, a biological system that is constantly updated on the genetic and vnegeneticheskom (2) levels. It should be particularly noted that the very appearance of such a universal tool, it is in Russian culture, through which may come in and learn the fundamentals of almost every science and management structure, not by accident (3).

Inefficient Reader

It is likely that you identify with this description, as the vast majority of readers are in the group of inefficient readers. Keep reading, because you'll see that is a problem, but it has enormous negative consequences for your personal development and academic performance and professional, is also a solution. Let Inefficient Reader in more detail the characteristics of an inefficient reader: 1. Read slowly. Most readers, no proper training, reading between 75 and 150 words per minute. This speed is the equivalent, if we stand in a highway going 15 miles per hour where it says 65mph. At that speed, any book seems an endless task and reading is an exhausting exercise.

2. Read all the same. The reader inefficient not your reading speed suited to the type of material you are reading, or their necessity with respect thereto. 3. Subvocalize. Lee "quietly", which is equivalent to reading aloud, but without the sound.

Saying goes everything that is reading to himself and certainly believe that if you do not will not understand. Nothing is further from the truth, as we shall see, for efficient reading is necessarily, by the abandonment of the defect and the transition to silent reading or mental really. 4. Read and reread continually. The slowness, the fragmentation of the text and the consequent loss of concentration inefficient force the reader to be re-reading line by line, to capture the sense. 5. Lee no rhythm. In the absence of trained movements eye, the reader reads with movements irrregulares inefficient and often loses the point of attachment and the line he was reading.

Practical Pedagogy

Daniela FrizonFronza Summary This article has the intention to approach questions related to the ambient education, its ample concept and its importance in projects pedagogical politicians. Initially it was looked to approach the recognition of educating in the reality where he is inserted. Throughout the article small actions are proposals so that if it can have one real ambient education. One searched to make reflections, raising some current principles and theories that point ways of if working with projects in schools of basic education. To the end of the article we understand the importance to increase the space of the ambient questions in the elaboration of the pertaining to school resumes. However, one becomes necessary to change the approach on the ambient education and to break paradigms that make it difficult the joint between the practical theories and the pedagogical ones pertaining to school. The educandos must be citizens of the ambient transformations, modicando the social environment lived space and transforming its. Word-key: Ambient education, Projects, Social Context, Practical Pedagogical..

The Physical Education

To the ending of the World War I a new model appears specifically of the Education and of the Physical Education, called New, deriving School of the United States and fixing roots in our country in opposition to the model of the time (traditional), it had as objective main the respect to the personality of the child, aiming at to develop it integrally. The speech predominantly in the Physical Education starts to be now ' ' The Physical Education is a way of Educao' '. It is noticed then, for the speech, that the Physical Education of the valuation of the biological one yields the space for the partner-cultural one, even so the practical one is the same one (DARIDO, 1999). For Cury (1984) cited by Betti (1991, p.129): The ideas of the new educators had entered directly in conflict with the positions of the Church, traditionally detainer of a paper of prominence in the Brazilian education. The teses more fought by the catholics had been the laity of education, the co-education of the sexos and the monopoly of the education for the State.

With the Constitution of 1937, the authoritarian government of Vargas arrived to explicitar the obligatoriness of Physical Education in the school, therefore to morally develop, to fortify physically and the individual, was one of the functions to be played for this disciplines in the educational system (BETTI, 1991). Already with the Reformation Capanema, the Physical Education also became obligator all the pupils of secondary education up to 21 years of age, becoming requirements to commercial, industrial and agricultural education, not demanding in the supplementary primary course. In this direction it perceived that this obligatoriness searched beyond promoting the necessary physical adestramento to the rule of a reliable youth of its duties stops with the economy, having for approaches the integral personality of the adolescents, the patriotic conscience and conscience humanist providing an intellectual preparation of general form. .

Skype Information

You choose your own working pace at which the quality of the knowledge gained will be maximum. Myth 4. With distance education the lack of contact with the teacher. Being on distance learning, you communicate with their instructor via e-mail, chat rooms, in the classroom using Skype and a virtual board. Teacher sees the complete picture of your successes and failures, can track your every move in remote classroom time will tell what the cause of your errors. At any time convenient to you, you can receive the necessary advice from highly qualified instructors with extensive experience in teaching and training students. Myth 5. Additional information at Edward Minskoff supports this article. When teaching on-line information in printed form.

Through the use of new information and telecommunication technologies, you can not only study the materials, which are located at site (students have access to this educational information), not only the information from Internet sites, but also to communicate personally with the teacher in Skype, which lets you use visual and auditory memory, to attend the on-line lessons watch video lectures, presentations, listen to audio lectures. All this helps to not only better and more deeply explore new material, but also allows you to listen to it again to better memorize the necessary information. Myth 6. With distance learning are no practical exercises. Send you the practical tasks that must be done. If you experience problems, please refer to your remote tutor for an individual consultation on-line. This will serve as an analog of practical training at internal training.

Public Schools

Not obstante, the paper of the professor comes moving with this reality, and many times it is obliged to play the role of father, mother, psychologist and until other areas and, this comes bringing changes in the performance of the paper of the family, and consequentemente in the behavior of the children. It is the time change for which the humanity is passing. Generic question: Which the causes of the pertaining to school evasion in the context of the digital inclusion? Specific questions: The insertion of the family in the pertaining to school context would soften the numbers of this statistics? The opening of the school in the week ends, for the participation of the community with guided pedagogical activities/would maquiaria this problem, or would be the solution? The implantation of a project that it aims at to the digital inclusion of these families, would approach the parents/children in the process education/learning of this school? Hypotheses: The lack of convivncia with the parents can be the cause of the pertaining to school evasion in the Public Schools of Brazil. The digital inclusion, as form to increase the familiar income, making possible the permanence of the mother in the seio of the family and the inclusion in the society. To little participation of the parents in the pertaining to school activities it propitiates a negative relation (extremosa) in the circle: professor/school/parents/children/community. Development: 1.

Family and School Family and school are abutments and sustentation to the human being; they are landmarks of existencial reference. How much better it will be the partnership between both, more positive and significant they will be the results in the formation of the citizen. The participation of the parents in the formal education of the children must be constant and conscientious. Familiar life and pertaining to school life are simultaneous and complementary. The task fits to the parents and the school to transform the immature and inexperienced child into mature, participativo, operating, conscientious citizen of its duties and rights, possibilities and attributions.

Spiritual Holistic

Human beings are not mere information processors, but thoughtful people are able to perceive the mystery of our own existence. Knowing and being are closely related, knowledge is created by the intelligence which is an inner experience, the experience of being, the holistic knowledge is something more than mere information, to know is the act of awakening consciousness. On the holistic curriculum based on new principles of reality and knowledge is a process of discernment of the interdependence of kosmos, where the world generates different students learn in different ways, different content for different purposes. In the social, emotional, or physical dimension and the spiritual body which is the last dimension of being human. Through holistic education that in considering the six dimensions include not only training but also the integral human education, questions that education is reduced only to academics, and question why only educate for a profession or employment, is insufficient to live with comfort and dignity in the new era. Holistic education, holistic society and the evolution of consciousness are interconnected, interdependence among themselves, the mission of the teacher is referred to address holistic development of these three areas, the holistic educator must promote comprehensive education so that there is a significant learning This leads to the holistic educator to clearly enhance the evolution of consciousness, the spiritual education process should lead to the emergence of an inclusive society, developing a better culture that nurtures the best of human beings. Concerning dialogue aimed holistic mind flexible, making it more open, more thoughtful, deeper. . Hear other arguments on the topic with Nir Barzilai, M.D..

Cooking For The Masses

After you have made your final grocery list, and be sure to check your cupboards to see what might already have on hand. You probably have most of the condiments. You may find Nir Barzilai, M.D. to be a useful source of information. But make sure if you need four teaspoons of garlic powder, actually have much in the bottle. I have not checked thoroughly before, and has been real headache. I found it more useful to keep separate the “food preparation list” along with my shopping list which states what should be done with the elements that need large amounts (for example, if one element of the list is “20 pounds chicken breasts, “note beside that item how many cups should be cooked and diced, as many chicken breasts need to be cooked and left all, how many should be left frozen, etc.).

You want to make sure it has a lot of freezer bags and paper handy. These will be essential at the time of cooking. Cooking Current Strategy: It’s a good idea to develop a basic strategy for day to cook what to do when. This is not why be an exhaustive list, but will save you time and effort if you plan the basic order of what is going to cook when. If you will be working together as a family in the kitchen, the plan is responsible for the tasks. Although everyone will have to be smooth flexible, definitely save you from most of the time it was made ahead of time. Shopping: The day before you start cooking, grocery shopping.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Introduction. There are a variety of syndromes that affect our pediatric population and constitute a disability that disrupts the entire life of the children who suffer, affecting their family and social environment. In addition to the issues raised, children affected by a syndrome present serious difficulties to access learning, both physical and cognitive. We will not enter the field of the difficulties of integrating these children into formal education, as it would for a completely separate article. Recall that a syndrome is a collection of physical signs and symptoms that constitute a specific pathology. Briefly review some of the syndromes and other lesser known classics that cause serious difficulties in social skills, integration, communication and learning. Down Syndrome.

Definition: Down syndrome was described by Dr. Langdon Down in 1866 and is characterized by mental retardation and a range of physical characteristics that make them resemble the Oriental races. Because this also is called Mongolism (Mongolian). Its prevalence is 2 per 1,000 live births. Characteristics: Children with Down syndrome, as well as mental retardation, have a high incidence of congenital heart disease. His head is smaller than normal children, elongated eyes, with frequent strabismus, their language is not placed well in his narrow mouth, hypotonia, visual and hearing impairments and delays in language development.

Causes: Congenital or trisomy 21, ie provides an extra chromosome in the pair 21. It therefore has 47 chromosomes instead of 46 which corresponds to normal. Prognosis: The prognosis of children with Down syndrome depends on variables characteristic of the syndrome, the family environment and school. Autistic Syndrome. Definition: The autistic syndrome is defined as a pervasive developmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, communication and activity imagination or thought. Today we use the term Autism Spectrum Disorder to refer to a wide range from typical autism, profound or nuclear Kanner (Leo Kanner, 1943) to Asperger Syndrome (Hans Asperger, 1944) and semantic disorder pragmatic (Rapin and Allen, 1983). It has a prevalence of 4.5 per 10,000 live births. Features: changes in social relations resulting in erratic behaviors include avoiding eye contact, to reject the emotional contact, a tendency to isolation, present unusual body movements, self-harm, ritualism and others. Communication deficiencies ranging from total absence of language to shape and function abnormalities of syntax. Finally cognitive disorders are associated with the “Theory of mind” that is, have an inability to attribute mental states to people around them. Cause: More than direct causes, speaking of very different hypotheses and theories that involve aspects physiological and environmental. These range from genetic alterations to the deficiencies of brain function. Are you interested in this item?