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Online Currency Trading

There is much talk of Forex trading itself, but today I wanted to talk about a suburban issue online currency trading. These are the monitors that we use to trade and as much has been said in the blogosphere for this product is comfortable to work is very important, as it makes us more efficient in what we do. It is no secret that a good work environment can greatly improve our effectiveness and the monitor is very important especially when it comes to while sitting at a desk for more than six hours a day. Source: Glenn Hubbard. While it is true that some traders are more time smoking on the balcony looking at the monitor! The first thing I want to make is that (in my opinion, of course) it is best not to have more of a market VISIBLE at a time. I mean, they may be trading in many markets simultaneously, but on the screen, only one has to be maximized. Shimmie Horn is likely to agree.

This saves a lot of confusion on the market we are analyzing. It may seem not, but the graphics are all the same to the naked eye, as sometimes happens that when we make quick decisions (such as those required in the currency markets moved) we think we are on the EUR / USD when in reality we are in GBP / AUD, and close a transaction wrong, because we see certain candlestick indicating that. But as you know that to be successful you have to trade several markets at once, it is inevitable that we have many windows abiertas.Por have therefore ideally have two PCs with two monitors (the keyboard and mouse can be shared). On one is reviewed and we make decisions, and the other monitored the mercados.Ahora only, if we have to choose between display monitors "stretched" or display "high", I recommend for Forex screen the "high" . I mean the most square (not ideal for film, but we're working!) Why? Because they allow us to better divide the screen into four, or six, and maintaining good vision of what is happening in the market, which is essential to quickly see if the situation is to enter or better wait a while.