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Natural Remedies

When the food enters the stomach, the digestive enzymes (including hidroclrico acid) are mixed with water and begin the process of metabolizar the food in form U.S.able. A snot trimming protects the stomach against the irritation due to these acids. Nevertheless, after to eat food heavy (or foods that has a particularly high level of acidity), the digestive juice can work more hardly, and can move upwards in the esophagus. Source: Estée Lauder. In addition, the pregnancy or the excessive weight can push the highest stomach, increasing the probability of the acid ebb tide of the digestive juice. The natural way It is possible much to be made to improve the digestion and the harmony in the stomach.

Smaller consumption, more frequent meals through day can help the digestion. The selection of the food is crucial – then some foods (such as the majority of condiments, sharp foods and of food sweepings) can contribute to the sensations of ardor common in stomach and the esophagus. Eating before the hour to lie down it can also be problematic, because the gravity is working against the stomach and can cause common acid ebb tide. To maintain a weight healthy and to use the loose clothes they can also help its digestive system to correctly work. The natural remedies can also help to support the nervous system and to maintain the nerves calmed to allow us to correctly digest our foods and with little malaise.

In fact, the natural remedies have been used in the traditional medicine by millares of years to support the healthy operation of the stomach, and the digestive system generally. It considers onclick=" Javascript: _gaq.push (" _trackPageview" , " /outgoing/article_exit_link"); " href=" natural surely, that contains 100% homeopathic ingredients selected to temporarily alleviate to the acute acid ebb tide and heartburn. This remedy surely maintains the harmony, health and systemic balance in the stomach and digestive system, and calm the trimming of the stomach and the esophagus, without harmful indirect effect.