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Bowling Green State University

The first of April on a daily web site of the journal Science (ScienceNow) it was reported that a group of geneticists from the U.S. Institute Leychen in New Jersey have found a gene responsible for a sense of humor in humans. The gene was named Haha-1. By Scientists say they have found a gene in mice, albeit in the off position. When the researchers 'included' Haha-1 in the three experimental mice, one of them started to publish a thin squeak when she showed a picture with the cat, which crushed the anvil, – she seemed to have laughed at his eternal enemy, got into a nasty mess. Scientists hope that their future discovery will lead to a cure that will help instill sense of humor to people who have it from birth do not. This message was clearly an April Fool's joke. Does not exist in the world (more precisely, the Internet) Institute named Leychen, unknown Horace Epstein, who heads a group of geneticists from the Institute, has been found as the magazine Genes and Behavior, which supposedly should appear in an article on the discovery of the gene responsible for a sense of humor, to the same article in ScienceNow signed by a man named Grim (Grim), and humorously flippant tone of the note did not have to much confidence … But there is a professor Dzhaak Panksepp, an expert on animal behavior, there is a Bowling Green State University, Ohio, where he works, There, finally, the journal Science, where he was the first of April of the same published his article on the nature of laughter.

School Partnerships

The present research appeared by means of the comment and experience of the researcher of the conflicting condition of the inserted autista pupil in the regular rooms of education. It had for objective to point possibilities the innumerable difficulties faced for professors, school and parents in this stage of the life of the autista child. A research of field of with the objective of raising was carried through and identifying elements that favor the partnership between school and family in the education of the autista child. For in such a way it was constructed and applied a composed questionnaire for 58 affirmations in 11 teachers of the basic education and the infantile education that have in its rooms children with autismo. The gotten results had been grouped in five categories: autonomy, rules and limits, pedagogical, relation family and school in relation to the autismo and specialized attendance. in contribution relation and the necessities and potentialities of the families and the school to act in set, with the objective to think the partnership between these two segments. So that research was carried through in order to provide given excellent for such objective was disponibilizado a questionnaire, where the professors and professionals of the area could display its opinion regarding the results that the relation between professors parents and school can provide to the development of the autista pupil. In such a way, we look for to analyze which the level of preparation and adequacy of these professionals in relation to the inclusion. Words keys: Family; School and Inclusion.

Physical Education

Long time ago, 100 years ago, but rather for 8 years and 5 days 3mesyatsa 6:00, in the same city competed AM Well done and kind of red do not force the girls do not mind, but … telesami.Da, yes, this is a great sport, and his name-Bodybuilding . By the way, your obedient servant, Dynamite is not what is there Figl Miglena, and five-time national champion, master of sport, winner of the Academy of Physical Education diploma with honors, a former professional football player, like this, skromno.No, as the saying goes, perfection is not predela.I here it is, the first step – bodybuilding show! Four handsome men and a beautiful woman, not ordinary athletes, as well titled! long training, costumes, choreography, sound track, it was for me then, as dark eyes les.No fear and hands are doing! Hour X has arrived! Safita light, the smell of smoke, the cries of "bravo." It was the first success, but alas … a one-time sports was ready for a show-business, and show-business to sport net.Vse failed stars were disbanded, except for a very quite young and had not yet ambitious young man Dennis B. (B. it became clear later). And here we duet! Take us, we are great! But not so simple as we would like … Once, my good friend, a very famous showman to this day, and now director of a music channel Yuri Tsarev conducted a series of celebrations in a restaurant, he needs time … striptizery.Eto probably said out loud, because the strip involves the removal of all clothing obsolyutno, naked body, so skazat.Na that we are not, it was decided, "beach season" melting to leave, what is erotic show, I had no idea worked rather intuitively, a hybrid of sports and fantasy yumora.Polet led to its unique style, theater, humor show.