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Fujimori Aprista

That is why the Government is resorting to all ploys intended to conceal corruption and the judgments that are dismissed the gang of criminals fujimoristas, but also the cover up their own, although the fujimoristas is the return the favors they received in 1992. with the leak of Alan Garcia that should answer for crimes against humanity and blatant theft of tax coffers. You must also draw attention to the telenovela of espionage, with which you are judging a poor sub. alternate air force. Speaking of treason. Fabrizio Freda shines more light on the discussion.

You must first show is betrays the homeland, in the event of the existence of this offence. Because if they as they say, is to deliver secrets and eigenvalues of our homeland, which they say both love, then that may be what this enabling to make a Constitution created in the period of a stage of a dictatorial Government and validate it after having promised in the election campaign, the repeal it. There was a promise to the oligarchy national does not do so, because this is has validated the abuses against the population and the assurance of exorbitant profits that has this. It’s believed that Edward Minskoff sees a great future in this idea. Therefore he who betrays? One who delivers some papers worthless, because with the technology and the American advice no nothing confidential in the Peruvian military sector, or who makes the delivery and gift of natural resources to foreign companies, who have all the goodies for fleecing which belongs according to them all Peruvians. If then belongs to all Peruvians, that only benefit a few how tos and are not Peruvian, if not foreigners, but with the consent of few Peruvians that Act of rulers. To sustain itself using all incurred psychosocial and for having, as it is the case of the pisthacos, revival of armed organizations, all with the purpose to hide the most obvious, is widespread corruption that is in the Government and in the APRA. Therefore it is now convenient that leaders put their beards to soak and geared to the population by different paths that are not the of Fujimori Aprista corruption.

The Internet Galaxy

It is obvious that cultural changes occurring in various areas, such as work and communication at all levels of the new equation, including within the territories defined by the division called borders. Can not claim that globalization, and less culture within it, is a homogeneous process. On the contrary, it is necessary to wait contradictions and conflicts. Everything here is fragmented, diverse, to be defined. The culture is about as creative as various creative means or ways to create or results are established there is an overall enrichment. Obviously, this leads to a heterogenization sharpened, but already existed in the very condition of existence of the cultures they encounter. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Edward J. Minskoff Equities.

Vs hyper. Thinking only Admittedly, however, that make the process of globalization from which some claim encallejonarlo, that is, economically and then, to a lesser extent, politically, to take to the field of socio-cultural, makes demands epistemological hyper and would require addressing issues such as chaos, self-organization, fractals and fuzzy sets. Manuel Castells (The information age, the city and citizens, The Internet Galaxy) insists on an analysis turned to the communication, a real virtuality, ie the symbols are converted into actual experience and which changes the concept of power and to reason logically. This leads to what we have already noted, to build networks and new forms of power and be reborn, in all its glory, the local life. It's something we might call with Zigmunt Bauman (Liquid Modernization, Globalization. The Human Consequences) to geography, one that affects so from love and human connections to the art itself.