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Central Bank Germany

AEGON secure DepotRente offers lifetime flexible pension solutions are guaranteed income In the wake of rising life expectancy, the guarantees and attractive yield opportunities connect an indispensable part of the individual financial retirement planning,. Especially for people who want to secure a guaranteed lifelong income, this is an attractive form of investment in comparison to low-interest bank deposits. The AEGON secure DepotRente overcomes key barriers associated with many private pension insurance, such as, for example, limited capital access. Policyholders can handle at all times their money with our solution even after beginning of pension payment”. Dr. According to Richard Parsons, who has experience with these questions. Torsten Haupt, main representative of the German Office explained the existing fund balances to the surviving dependents or beneficiaries will be paid in the event of death”.

Flexible pensions have great market potential. Market studies show that the age group of 55 to 80 years in Germany at short notice available assets of about Has 900 billion euros. According to experts, in the medium term at least 5 billion euro per year can be converted in flexible pensions. Independent brokerage company, which distributed the product, undergo a rigorous selection process and intensive training, before they have the opportunity to offer their customers solutions by AEGON. By the end of the year AEGON is recorded cooperation with 20 brokerage firms, which serve approximately 400,000 target customers, a quality-oriented consulting approach. The AEGON Group, a leading insurance company of the AEGON Group with N.V., the Hague, Netherlands, the CEO of AEGON is a leading provider of life insurance, pensions and investment products and supports to build a financial future, private customers, companies and institutions. The AEGON Group develops solutions for over 150 years and currently serves millions of customers in North and South America, Europe and Asia with approximately 24,000 employees.

With your subsidiary in the United States the AEGON Group is a provider of flexible pensions with gross premiums amounting to more than $5 billion (as of end of 2012) successfully worked already for many years. The European Center of excellence for flexible pensions, AEGON Ireland plc., has its headquarters in Dublin, where specialists develop modern and flexible retirement solutions for the markets in Germany, France, Britain and the Netherlands. The establishment of Germany of the AEGON Ireland plc. is in Frankfurt am Main. Dr. Torsten Haupt is responsible as the main representative for the German subsidiary. Main previously worked in various leading functions for AEGON since 2004. Former stations included Credit Suisse and towers Watson. Contact: Aegon branch of AEGON Germany Ireland plc Elm Street 23-25 60325 Frankfurt am Main E-Mail: phone: 069-380 781 510 AEGON is a brand name of AEGON Ireland plc. AEGON Ireland plc. Headquartered in: 2nd floor, IFSC House, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1, Ireland, is under the Registration number 346275 in Ireland, has an approval of the Central Bank of Ireland and is subject to their supervision. The establishment of Germany in Frankfurt is additional law supervised by the Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BFin).

Federal Constitutional Court

Hundreds of thousands of self-employed persons who are voluntarily legally insured, pay high contributions since January 2009, stakeholders can expect with a retroactive contribution refund hundreds of thousands of self-employed persons who are voluntarily legally insured, pay to high posts at least according to the Hessen social Court and the Sozialgerichts Munich since January 2009. If their legal opinion prevails, many of those affected can expect a retroactive contribution refund. She can be several hundred dollars per month since beginning of 2009! If the Supreme social, join the decision of the Munich Sozialgerichts, zig self-employed persons who are voluntarily legally insured, could hope to a true windfall. Because, according to the Court, they would have to pay only the minimum of about 285 euros per month. Many self-employed persons have paid more but significantly. And they could reclaim this power if just the Bundessozialgericht is join the Munich social Court. Background this is the introduction of the health fund as of 1 January 2009. Until then individual health insurance companies had regulated each for themselves in their constitutions, which are contributions if voluntarily insured.

Now, however, the peak Association of statutory health insurance was supposed to meet according to the will of the legislator’s Office uniform rules. This requirement is complied with the so-called post procedural principles of self-financing”and then virtually all income of the insured person are income from capital contributions as well as collecting deposits and withdrawals from private (!) Life and pension insurance. The legislature itself has also regulated the minimum amount of insurance revenue. Currently always is 1.916,25 euros per month, which follows a minimum contribution of approximately 285 euro – plus at least 37 Euro care insurance premium for full-time independent. Only the minimum amount to pay? Both provisions contained before the statutes of the health insurance companies. So why should the voluntarily insured have paid well too much? “The highlight is that the effectiveness of the post procedural principles of self-financing” is more and more drawn into doubt.

The Sozialgericht Munich known simply as ineffective, why the health insurance of voluntary members should request only the statutory minimum contribution (judgment of March 2, 2010, AZ.) S 19 KR 873/09). “Justified is this, that the self-financing post procedural principles” are been decided only by the hardly democratically legitimized Board of the statutory health insurance tips Association. A decision by the Board of Directors as a self-governing body was however necessary, which would have required also an approval by the supervisory authority. The Hessian State social Court reasons along similar lines (decision of February 21, 2011, AZ.) L 1 KR 327/10B HE). Estee Lauder Companies Inc. gathered all the information. And the result of this reasoning is: nearly all self-employed who paid higher contributions than the minimum pay currently too high Posts! “But: A whole range of other social courts considered the contribution procedure principles of self-financing” quite as effective. Therefore a court clarification of the legal situation by the Bundessozial – or the Federal Constitutional Court will be required, and she can experience several years waiting. “It is certainly not to exclude that the post procedure principles of self-financing” actually be tipped. All voluntarily insured, who pay a higher contribution than the minimum contribution should opposition against upcoming post notices. Also a request for retroactive recalculation of health insurance contributions it is possible for health insurance since January 2009. In both cases, you should rely on (in detail yet contributor-friendly) judgment of the Sozialgerichts of Munich. Should be approved given the still not welcome clarified legal position an own abeyance, not even before the Sozialgericht to draw.

Legal Expenses Insurance

In terms of inheritance, insurance offer only limited legal protection insurance are based on the principle of solidarity. All insured persons pay their contributions each year and receive benefits for an insured event occurs. Only very few policyholders conclude a corresponding police in anticipation of the safe to take the insurance company promptly also. The provider of legal expenses insurance by the agreement of a so-called latency arm themselves against such insurance page rather unwanted behaviour. So, one may encounter a threatening process, not where you still quickly completes an insurance for legal protection. The latency to be respected by the policyholder is an instrument with which insurance undertakings insert locks against an unfair use of the insurance offer. However much fundamental is that the holder of a legal expenses insurance can assume even after expiration of the waiting period, that the insurance for all disputes to the Available.

The insurers have provided namely an extensive catalog of affairs in their insurance policies, for which no services on legal protection offered. Will you still more interested in take note, that the legal interests relating to the Canon law of the matters covered by the legal protection is excluded, the exclusion of risk in relation to matters in the area of succession and family law is already serious. As soon as it comes so to own divorce or disputes relating to the validity of a will, it cannot be based on support of own expenses. The insurance provides only a so-called consultation legal protection for these areas. You should so go with his matter to a lawyer or notary and there once consult.

The insurance takes over these costs up to an amount defined in the insurance contract. After such initial advice, then regularly leaving the insurance. If you are so decides to hire the lawyer with the other interests, may be granted a mandate for negotiations with the opposition or even an action order, then one can expect no backing from the legal expenses for the cost.