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Great Success Of The First Internet TV Portal For Young People

For three months is Yosch.NET”, the new platform for students and young people, in the Internet online. And already a huge success. Every day, the portal has new members. Click Avison Young Capital Markets for additional related pages. And the concept is quite simple: students make films for students. Student life or star portraits. All topics are possible. Registration is free for all. So far, 20 students of a school from the State of Brandenburg work as reporter, cameraman/woman or cutter.

And all were technical and craft for their special tasks of television professionals of limelight Fernsehproduktion GmbH from Berlin (cinematic and journalistic) coached and will also continue to professionally accompanied. No one had to bring knowledge. But motivation and commitment is very important to Yalda. Their finished film productions show students at Yalda. To prove talent, in front and behind the camera. In the meantime also guest schools with own movies at Yalda have perpetuated.

Only by the idea of this portal the students and teachers of these schools have come to the filmmaking. Now users have signed up not only from all over Germany. Also from Austria, of Switzerland, Ireland, Canada and the United States, students at Yalda are active as a user. The first students of this project was sponsored by the companies Bombardier and JVC. The site and the idea of Yosch.NET”was developed by limelight Fernsehproduktion GmbH from Berlin and the Internet Agency Vicon from Lubeck. Contact: Limelight Fernsehproduktion GmbH North Juan Street 7, 10589 Berlin phone: + 49 030 311 85 90 email:

Online Magazine Instead Of Magazine: New Portal Elo-web.de

To the relaunch starts the Franzis Academy / Info for ambitious users, electricity, electronics, micro-controller, building instructions and circuits: POING, August 2009 ELO is back! Almost 20 years after the publication of the last printed edition, the magazine celebrates her comeback as an online magazine of Franzis-Verlag. Elo-web.de is the new address for discerning lovers of electronics. Also new: The Franzis Academy provides specialist knowledge and skills of the users for the sample, the Franzis know-how certificate is there only in passing the exam. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Lancome and gain more knowledge.. With Burkhard Kainka, editor-in-Chief of elo-web.de is a proven professional who enjoys an excellent reputation among the electronics friends for decades. Micro-controller and measuring, taxes, rules and electronics development and radio frequency projects are the thematic priorities. Here elo-web.de clearly puts the practice in focus more than 300 free editorial content, with sound engineering tutorials and circuits.

And it should be more steadily. Much like once the print edition of ELO are also online Projects to the working for the evening. With the re-launch of elo-web.de aimed the Franzis Verlag increasingly to ambitious friends of electronics and electrical engineering, which need or want to apply their knowledge in job and education. An example of this is the new Franzis Academy certificates from the Franzis Academy. To its successful learning packages, the Publisher provides tests which make verifiable knowledge. The computer searches at random from a large pool five questions about the respective learning package. Who answered it correctly, can choose between a free certificate in PDF format for self-printing or a certificate printed on fine paper (for a fee).

Franzis provides a valuable proof of private training and thus a foundation for professional advancement in the certificates. Experiments, schematics, kits: Elo-web.de is a rich source of information for technicians, engineers, and developers. Also, editor in Chief Burkhard Kainka and his team deliver regularly updated posts. Here too focused It specializes in building instructions and problem solutions. And for all those who want to know exactly, the laboratory diary is a fascinating treasure trove of the Thermo switch sensors to repair tips. Soon, the portal should be supplemented by software downloads and enhancements for the Franzis learning packages. The online shop has also over 160 hands-on books, learning packages and circuit collections as well as all related kits and electronics. More information: press contact: FRANZIS book & SOFTWARE Publisher Michael Buge Program Manager technical reference book Tel.: + 49 8121 95-18 10 E-Mail: Internet: Franzis Verlag GmbH, Gruber str. 46a, 85586 Poing, Poing seat, Amtsgericht Munchen, HRB 119930,Geschaftsfuhrer: Thomas r drill, Werner Mutzel company portrait consistently on the practical benefit-oriented. For more than 60 years the Franzis is book and software publishing house (www.franzis.de) for professionals such as for beginners in the field of technical practice literature the first Address, if accurate information and appropriate solutions are sought. Whether electronics, computers, Internet, telecommunications or digital photography convinced the continuously growing number of its readers with current practice issues, effective solutions and a modern treatment, the content and reader claims adequately continues the book and software range from Franzis. “Real simple”, “Hot Stuff”, “Professional Series”, “Do it”, “PC & Electronics” inter alia: Franzis sets with various series on a distinctive publishing profile, which gives already knowledge of tomorrow in the hand the technical users in addition to successful standard works mainly with forward-thinking new publications.

Just T Or How To Find The Nameless

While one referenced Web pages with the standard variants, Yasni provides names of real people as a result. Check out Marvel Architects for additional information. Yasni expands its online service and find out immediately on yasni.de/search people even after any terms. How do I find Tanja? You know this: on Saturday, you meet a nice girl going out and everything what it is still white on Sunday morning: Tanja… ADAC. A look on search, the words “T” and “ADAC” entered and promptly Yasni delivers all Tanya’s, which are linked to the concept of ADAC. If even the condom does not fit Tanja has so found and can breathe once again.

Only a lost believed happiness is not the only thing that can be found with first. Circumstances it finds himself suddenly in situations, where you need the advice of a special experts. Condom adviser about the Foley until to the ethnographer – who always is searched, on first one easily finds people who you didn’t know before. Term type, enter and the list of results is available. Yasni Managing Director Steffen Ruhl to: “we put a lot of time and work in the development of the new people-finders in the last few months. Since finding people extends far beyond the search by name, first had to develop the required search technology itself.” What first makes the difference better to conventional search engines is easy. While one referenced Web pages with the standard variants, Yasni provides names of real people as a result.

In contrast to restricted directories like yellow pages, Facebook or XING Yasni indicates not only people who have signed up there himself. Yasni thus searches the entire Internet, and offers a new way to find better nameless or experts with his people-Finder. About Yasni Yasni is the world’s first service online to find people better and to be found even better, as well as to the background research by people. Within a few seconds first searches the entire Internet with its services to the people search names and terms. Users logged-in can with one own profile to control their reputation themselves. Ego-marketing and maintenance of own reputation on the Internet according to current studies are increasingly gaining importance.

Chain Mails Are Often Annoying

Rarely meaningful purpose behind it for many people chain mails are probably an annoying evil. In most cases, their meaning and benefits should be known only to the respective initiators. The Internet portal webmail.de informs about the phenomenon of chain mail. Chain mail work in principle as well as chain letters: A letter or an email reaches recipients with the prompt, it may forward the message to as many other receivers. Unlike in the chain letter forwarding email works at lightning speed. With just a few clicks, the mail to many contacts from the personal address book, or in a social network has been sent. So, certain content can be distributed widely within a very short time.

In the best case, chain mail be used as pointing to a meaningful political concern. In the worst case, computer viruses quickly find spread in this way. Most bizarre stories in the mail but with mystical content part. At the end of a such mail is promised the recipients often some miracle or luck, when he sent the message to other people. In the event that he does not forward the mail, the opposite, for example, an accident or a curse, is threatened him. More information: service/glossary/entry/82 University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann