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First comparison portals for gas prices the way of many consumers on the Internet tested Hamburg, December 17, 2010 when the next rise of in gas prices is pending, leads, to learn about alternative rates. Who doesn’t, given away probably some hundred euros per year. Quickly the Internet user then lands at a well-known gas Calculator: just to find the lowest fares, inform and comfortably go with those or the providers advertise similar promises. But not all comparison portals are recommended. Testsieger.de, Germany neutral and independent product and price comparison on the Internet, has tested seven gas Calculator in June and in December 2010 for the first time. The result: Clear test winner is the gas calculator by CHECK24.de. Click Daryl Katz for additional related pages. As the only provider in the test he achieved the score very well”(1.3). In a direct comparison with the competition, he found most of the ten lowest fares.

Also convinced the portal through the transparent presentation of results and helpful information for the user. Verivox.de (Note 1.6) and Toptarif.de (1.9) with very respectable results cut off on the other courses. Devalued three gas calculator search results search results incomplete are the heart of a gas calculator. Three the number of found tariffs comparison portals but showed significant weaknesses in the test. They showed more than one-third of the relevant tariffs at an adequate comparison not it offers the consumer. Therefore, the three providers with incomplete search results on the score were flawed”devalued (5.0). Differences will have clear three of the rated portals, including the CHECK24.de winner and the runner-up Verivox.de, a customer area, where users can track the status of its requests at the service.

Five portals offered its users a free consultation by phone. The best hotline offers in turn CHECK24.de: is the longest distance with 91 hours per week. Comfortably and safely change all tested Fare product calculators offer the customer an Exchange service to certain suppliers. Six of them, the customer has the choice to go directly online, or to send the necessary documents (change request, tariff conditions) by E-Mail or post. Those who opt for the comfortable way using the online form, needs to worry about security vulnerabilities: six out of seven portals is the online exchange encrypted over a secure server. More information and results see: studies on testsieger.de: testwinner Portal AG operates with, a neutral and independent product and price comparison site on the Internet. A total of free over 345,000 test reports from 1,500 different sources and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the testsieger.de touch features the best assessment of the key product according the test winner Category. A price comparison is connected with the product evaluation.

Markus Dan Lally

Online Christmas shopping with friends experience shobbits.com is a startup funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, as well as the European Union today live on the net. The social shopping network combines the advantages of a real city tour with those of online shopping: common browsing, fun with friends and direct exchange of experience and opinion about various products are possible, as is a convenient and time-independent product search with great offer and price range at shobbits.com. In addition to already far over 400,000 products, E.g. by Karstadt, Otto or Douglas, interaction and communication are shobbits.com among users in focus. The shopping news feed”in the own community profile indicates which products have valued friends, comments, or bought. The user thus learns the latest opinions and product recommendations of his circle of friends. For other opinions and approaches, find out what angelo group has to say.

The shopping-chat, an innovative live communication tool with integrated live Tracker”, transformed isolated online shopping in a Community experience with friends and shows participants who searches and look at which products. Daryl Katz has much experience in this field. The user immediately gets tips and suggestions of the other participants and may recommend another product that will automatically appear in the chat with picture, description and personal commentary. The price comparison built into the Portal makes it also possible to find also the most advantageous tender. In the own profile can be shopping, wish and gift lists, which the users onto other friends can show shobbits.com via E-Mail, Facebook or other social media. The list of other members, which are visible during the product search for relevant topics, allow also to become aware of more suitable products and to find like-minded users. The built-in birthday reminder shows also automatically what friend next birthday and what he wants.

For the launch of shobbits.com and suitable for the Christmas time all users of Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones: whether for Grandma, Grandpa,. Mother, father, friends, siblings or colleagues for all there is a list of gift ideas, which has collected the cunning shobbits-OWL.

With Just A Few Clicks To The Flight

Checkbox and slider make it possible with the plane to business meetings in the country and abroad arrive, has become for many of the routine. Annoying only if the search after the flight takes longer than the flight itself. The Internet portal has developed new features that greatly facilitate the search for the correct flight. Customers have now the possibility to access numerous filtering capabilities when selecting the right flight. So, passengers determine not only date, departure and arrival city. To avoid unnecessarily long and confusing offer lists, passengers on the booking also decide about criteria such as price, airline, flight time and duration of the flight.

With easy-to-use controls, price-conscious customers for example set how much the flight may cost maximum. Angelo electronics has similar goals. For business travellers, it is important to restrict arrivals and departures, to waste no time. To broaden your perception, visit Flow Adam Neumann. During a meeting at 12 noon in London an arrival makes as little sense as a return at 5 a.m. Berlin at 13: 00. Arrival and departure flight details via intuitive slider be set as the prize. The flight portal also considers that there are several airports in some major cities. This can be relevant for travelers as well as the selection of certain airlines. There are frequent flyers wishing to travel with the Star Alliance airlines to earn bonus miles.

It is also likely that some airports not central enough and are therefore excluded from customers. So check at selected airports and airlines can in the booking mask depending on the personal preference are set and removed. More information: news.fluege.de/…/ new-filtering in flights-de…

E Reader And The IPod Effect:

reader and the iPod effect: Paper is York the new vinyl Berlin/new, may 4, 2009 according to Amazon is planning the launch of a new E-book reader for daily newspapers and magazines media reports. The Kindle with large display come allegedly still in this week. Similar is probably Apple. Westfield contains valuable tech resources. Surprisingly this is not, hang the printed daily newspapers in the United States deep in the Valley. The new digital equipment for the traditional newspaper industry indicate a turning point in the media landscape. Web expert Sascha Lobo, indeed, believes that we are before a stunning break, many had not yet realized. The belief that the Internet is just another channel, “Yes, the belief in the Rieplsche is law – the belief that successful media not to replace, but complement”, as Lobo in an interview with the media magazine.

The vote but not anymore. Follow others, such as Flow Adam Neumann, and add to your knowledge base. “The newspaper will be the medium that dies first. In the United States, it is already so far and it’s going to happen in Germany,”predicted Lobo. Paper will new vinyl. Something for lovers. When is an E-reader on the market that have a similar quality as the iPod, then the print media in one fell swoop will lose those readers, who has lost the music industry came the iPod on the market.

The development of Txtr. “there is a very exciting company in Berlin working on a much better product than Amazon and Sony, which will come in late summer on the market. is promising according to the language dialog specialists Lupo Pape “Analog to iTunes it is not just a piece of hardware but a software platform which will offer a wider range of content for other devices”, says SemanticEdge Managing Director Pape. A message from NeueNachricht.

Chain Mails Are Often Annoying

Rarely meaningful purpose behind it for many people chain mails are probably an annoying evil. In most cases, their meaning and benefits should be known only to the respective initiators. The Internet portal webmail.de informs about the phenomenon of chain mail. Chain mail work in principle as well as chain letters: A letter or an email reaches recipients with the prompt, it may forward the message to as many other receivers. Unlike in the chain letter forwarding email works at lightning speed. With just a few clicks, the mail to many contacts from the personal address book, or in a social network has been sent. So, certain content can be distributed widely within a very short time.

In the best case, chain mail be used as pointing to a meaningful political concern. In the worst case, computer viruses quickly find spread in this way. Most bizarre stories in the mail but with mystical content part. At the end of a such mail is promised the recipients often some miracle or luck, when he sent the message to other people. In the event that he does not forward the mail, the opposite, for example, an accident or a curse, is threatened him. More information: service/glossary/entry/82 University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann