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Shanghai Market

Neonode at market launch in Germany opts for lifestyle factor by BuyVIP Just who is a member, should test: the N2 from Neonode first on Frankfurt am Main, April 28, 2008 as the size of a matchbox and so easily like a candy bar the Swedish manufacturer’s Neonode N2 wants to capture Constantinople after a outstanding successes in Sweden, Greece and Spain now also in Germany the mobile market. To enter the market, SAPERA, key account has selected partners by Neonode in Germany, the shopping-Club BuyVIP. The closed community members can until May 4 as the first-ever get hold of the new phones on the German market by April 28 and to the absolute trendsetter. We are very glad to be able to stand the success mark Neonode as a test channel for the German market. Nick rhodes contributes greatly to this topic. Openness for new brands and a flair for trends are important components of our business model”, says BuyVIP – Managing Director Harald Ernst. BuyVIP has shown in earlier campaigns, the portal has established itself not only as a supplier of branded fashion, but also for lifestyle products is a popular point of contact.

With the new campaign, BuyVIP new products compared to proves once more its trendsetter qualities and its openness. So manufacturers use the shopping Club not only as a sales channel for over stocks and season runners, but also as a test portal for market launches. “Peter Neiken, Managing Director of Sapera, to the launch of the shopping community: BuyVIP is us as a competent sales partner to the side and allows us to reach exactly the target group for us.” Neonode brings a mobile phone on the German market, which is characterised by its high-quality video and music functions, operated via advanced touchscreen technology with 60 grams is a true lightweight with the N2. The Swedish iPhone competitor is thus an innovation on the market of consumer electronics and an absolute must have for all trendsetters. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala: the source for more info. Press contact: Anna Friedemann Phone: 030.2576205.16 E-Mail: about Neonode Inc.: Neonode designed and developed technologies and products that meet the needs of their customers.

This is the focus of the company on solutions that improve the experience of users uniform or complex devices. Neonode Inc. is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: NEON), which has offices in Stockholm, San Ramon (United States), Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as licenses and products sold worldwide, through the online channel as well as through local distributors. Neonode United States settles the innovative Neonode products within North – and Latin America as well as in China and is the property exclusive licensor of Neonode intelligently to third parties. Neonode United States in New York has its headquarters. For more information, see about SAPERA: sapera is specialist for the launch of mobile phones in Central Europe. Management and shareholders have large experience in the mobile industry as manufacturers, network operators and with Distribution channels. Sapera maintains excellent contacts with all leading mobile network operators, distributors and service providers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and other European countries. Customers and partners of sapera are equipment manufacturers, network operators and solution integrators. Saperas range of services includes business development, marketing and strategic consulting and sales, especially in a complex and competitive market environment. Sapera short-term market entry concepts can develop and implement with their orientation. Sapera is an owner-managed GmbH with headquarters in Monchengladbach, was established in 1999.

Managing Director

Community offers free global Internet telephony without any software installation, Hamburg, July 30, 2008 the technical possibilities and requirements increase every day. The demand for versatile, quick and low-cost communications is growing rapidly. The Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is an internationally strong growth market with millions of users. As the world’s first community, ComeUnited.Com offers a free, browser-based, system-independent calls via C2Call without installing any software. The technology is compatible with all popular Windows, MAC and Linux browsers. Users of ComeUnited.Com can call worldwide without any preparatory work and fees within and outside the community. One who wants to call, need only without costs – to register on. One who is called, requires no registration and also any installation.

Marcel Kaffenberger, founder and Managing Director of ComeUnited.Com: We are pleased with cooperation our partner C2Call is a the most advanced and best quality communication ability to be able to offer all users of our platform. Communication is all important for the successful use of a community. Simplicity and speed of technology are crucial. C2Call allows our users to make calls with a single login on our platform without spending a single dime on the network. To broaden your perception, visit Daryl Katz. According to our findings, that is until now unique for a community. An extension of telephony in the fixed and mobile networks for low fees is in preparation.” Martin Familia, Managing Director of C2Call GmbH: We are pleased that the technology as possible and makes sense is used by C2Call into an existing and well-functioning system of a community.

With ComeUnited.Com we have a partner on our side who once again prove that what benefits our technology through the correct use can bring.” About ComeUnited.Com ComeUnited.Com is a contact and communication platform, specializing in the sectors Media, communication, marketing and entertainment. ComeUnited.Com is a classic community with all its functions as well as a media portal. In addition to a large database, daily industry news, upcoming media, a media are magazine as well as a large job market for media professionals to find on. In July 2008 the first project market started ProjectPool specifically for media, entertainment and communication. On ComeUnited.Com the user to become also the makers – own publication of news, events, castings, auditions, jobs and calls for projects, through presentation of his person and work – including photos, videos, voice and music recordings.

Family Tips For Christmas

The recreation portal kids-ontour from North Germany, now with many new tips for Christmas. At Christmas time, many families want to especially enjoy the time with their children. With over 400 Christmas fairy tales, (almost) all Christmas markets and many other Christmas events, kids-ontour.de offers the complete Christmas programme for Nordddeutschland. How would the idea of baking delicious cookies the children aboard a back? And comfortable even on a cafe ship coffee to drink? On kids-ontour.de. For more specific information, check out angelo gordon. And so it is not boring at home even during the bad winter weather, there are numerous crafts and recipe tips do it yourself: for example Vanillekipferl or nougat Taler, or a beautiful Lantern for the Christmas table. The idea to start the leisure Portal kids-ontour.de, was created when Matthias Dostall was looking for suitable activities for his small son on the Internet and the search quite elaborately designed.

Matthias dost all: kids-ontour advantage is obvious: kids-ontour.de contains all Activities for the family audience and children together. With 4,000 page views a day the portal for advertisers is interesting, that would effectively place entries or advertising.” Since May 2009 offers the leisure Portal kids ontour.de of leisure and event tips in all over North Germany. With a total of over 5,000 tips, kids-ontour.de is among the most comprehensive leisure portals in North Germany. Each user can carry his leisure, crafts or recipe tips after you have registered yourself. For Organizer also the possibility to get a top ranking on the home or vouchers as a promotional way to adjust, for more information see it on.

New Website Forget AIDS

New website forget AIDS not e.V. presented a new online presence in the area of HIV and AIDS prevention on the occasion of the upcoming World AIDS Day. The website is clear and clearly structured and provides information on the topics of HIV / AIDS and World AIDS Day. Us dollar understood the implications. The website contains information about HIV & AIDS, and should draw attention to the immune deficiency disease or make sure that the issue will not be forgotten. You may find Edward Minskoff to be a useful source of information. To address building the website to the user already on the home page, the integration of the TV spots already on the home page in a large, prominent stage is useful. The videos serve as eye-catchers and cause a recognizable to the user who knows the spots from the TV. The integration of the viral Facebook campaign on the home page, as logical starting point for users who access the site via Facebook is also necessary.

Aim of the relaunch was central to play the attention strong content, such as for example the TV spots in the foreground and to put the user in scene better to attract and facilitate entry into the topic. Facebook, the optimization of the Facebook fan page by vergissaidsnicht.de is divided into two stages. First the user be encouraged a photo of on the wall for the fan page post.This action connects the Facebook fan page to the site. For the design OgilvyOne Dusseldorf is responsible to, the technical implementation was realized by wmdb Systems GmbH. About forget AIDS not e.V.

Is one of the oldest private clubs in Germany. The Club serves HIV positive and AIDS people in the everyday life and provides assistance with administrative procedures. The education and information in the TV, radio, Internet and the social networks through prevention and education in the field of HIV and AIDS are target our Foundation of the Association in addition to the offers of help actively to shape. Another part of our work is awareness in schools, discos and at information events in pedestrian zones or at street festivals, because knowledge about ways of Infection with HIV and living with the people who are affected by this disease in our society still not at 100% is sufficient, in this regard, our Internet platforms and organization offer ample opportunity to find out. Press contact: Forget AIDS not e.V. brewing hofstrasse 12 10587 Berlin 030-221.922.89.0


Germany’s first online marketplace all specializing in the area of pregnancy, baby & child began a multi-month TV campaign on December 6, 2010. The online shopping portal Shopperella, where more than 50 dealers offer their products from the family area, brought a several-month TV campaign on two channels with high range at the start on December 6, 2010. Shopperella is currently around 50,000 products from over 50 shops in the range, where currently daily between one hundred and one thousand new articles are added. Edward Minskoff often addresses the matter in his writings. The marketplace offers a complete range of products for babies, children and pregnant women from toys about stroller to nursery furniture. The shopper alert introduced due to the start of the campaign also allows parents to make for this send to greatly reduced top deals for exactly such brands, to log on product categories and their children’s favorite subjects, currently particularly interested in it, and.

The advantage for the customer is offers from all on hand, since he is here Shopperella of registered shops will also receive, while individual online stores newsletter cover only the offers of the respective shops. The TV spots of Shopperella will be primarily in the afternoon and early evening. It is a 20-sec. main spot and a 10 second contraction reminder spot. “The concept of the spots leans against the early 1990s immensely popular broadcast thingy” on: A girl and a boy in the preschool or school age explain what lies behind Shopperella. Another picture and video material to the spot can be provided like on demand. Shopperella is Germany’s first segment focused baby, child & pregnancy online marketplace.

Since the end of June 2010, have registered more than 50 shops in Shopperella and sell there currently over 50,000 products. In the future will a shopper alert”the customers provide the opportunity to register for the best deals from all shops adapted to the brands, products and design worlds, for which is the Customer care.


Savings of up to 70prozent are possible! Whether photo poster, canvas or photo wallpaper – photo products of all kinds today most popular products include in the home decoration segment. And also as individual gifts are photo books, photo calendar & co. fully in line with the trend. It is not surprising that compete more and more vendors in the booming market for photo products to attract of consumers. Consumers in the thicket of discount offers, new offerings and a wide variety of price performance ratios but quickly lose the overview.

The frustration of overreaching can so quickly grow out of the joy of the individualized gift. With this situation intolerable for critical and demanding customers, the new price comparison for photo services, now finally makes fotopreise.com! Since March 2010, fotopreise.com offers specialized and of course free price comparisons for prints of digital photos, photo posters, canvas and photo calendars. Therefore the specialized price comparisons take into account relevant all for the total price Price components, such as about prices, tiered prices, shipping or free prints on photographic prints. Search results are sorted by the total price, structured clearly presented and enriched to important, qualitative information about the respective photo products. There are often notable quality, materials and processing differences, which must necessarily be taken into account when a price comparison be it the quality of the canvas material, strength of wooden frame and photo canvases, or the paper quality and paper surface sealing with prints of digital photos. Demanding and price-sensitive customers find the photo service with the best price performance ratio and that thanks to fotopreise.com without extensive and time-consuming research. Depending on the photo product price savings can be with a price comparison on fotopreise.com up to 70% without that the quality must suffer! Gunar Baloch fotopreise.com

Performance By Industry Focus:

Zieltraffic AG launches affiliate network Affiliando Munich, October 11, 2010 assigns the Zieltraffic AG immediately with its own affiliate network at: Affiliando (www.affiliando.de) is in contrast to the big networks on three industries focused finances, health and career. The number of affiliates Affiliando is a relatively small, all the more powerful for that network. Already nearly 40 partner programs are offered at the start of Affiliando. Affiliando is positioned internationally and can be used also for Multilingual campaigns. “Affiliate programs is almost always the 20/80 rule: 20% of affiliates make up 80% of the success of an affiliate program”, explains Wolfgang Vogt, CEO of Zieltraffic AG and there responsible for affiliate marketing. Today it is therefore vital to identify the powerful top affiliates, and to focus on building long-term and close cooperation. It required three aspects: embossed out the profound industry expertise, Service provider mentality to the affiliates, as well as modern technology.

All this is guaranteed at Affiliando.” Win-win situation: Merchants and affiliates benefit both by the industries focusing on Affiliando just how bright is an important reason for the industries focusing: focusing on core businesses enables Zieltraffic to build highly specialized industry expertise. This benefits both merchants and affiliates. The selection of the sectors does not come by about. We have found that the set screws in the online sales, as well as the affiliate resemblance exhibit structure of the 3 sectors.”explained Vogt the industry focus. Merchants improve on Affiliando campaign efficiency and sales results: in addition to the sales strength of the top affiliates programs through Affiliando scattering losses remain small. The online environment of used advertising can also be at Affiliando comparatively easy to control. Especially in sensitive sectors such as for example, the financial services industry it is important to ensure that the environment of the advertising material is high quality and industry-specific”, to Vogt. field. Affiliates in turn use the industry expertise of Zieltraffic in several respects: so not only technically supports the experienced affiliate team the affiliates, but is also working with the affiliate on optimal pre-sale on its Web site.

Also the company highly sales-focused production Web content offers, like for example internally developed complex comparison calculator for financial products. The integration is carried out on the affiliate websites via the freely configurable white label computer modules, or about the product data provided. In addition to numerous other offers, these free services of Zieltraffic AG aimed to improve the power of affiliates: Affiliates get everything to concentrate fully on the optimization of the sales through your site. All parties benefit from this? Affiliando relies on close cooperation with the selected Top performers: The intensive cooperation contributes with our partners to better quality control of affiliate programs. Thanks to immediate communication with our affiliates quality requirements are for the programmes clearly conveys and reliably implemented”, Vogt important also for affiliates: Affiliando improved campaign efficiency Zieltraffic is the affiliates also for modern and transparent technology in control and tracking of campaigns. Heart is the newly developed, intuitive affiliate dashboard. It serves the affiliate as a kind of management information systems. Individually configurable, it provides all important key figures at a glance. Affiliando is technically absolutely State-of-the-art. This is a further key success levers next to our industry know-how”Vogt. “About fallback fingerprint, we reach a very good tracking. Additional features such as the Bannerpooling to create your own banner rotations, or configurable content ads offer the affiliate all possibilities to the Improve sales efficiency.”

Mommy Web Magazine

Creates a new online magazine for mothers and families it is finished: since 12 August, the new Mommy Web Magazine is available online. Equipped with new sections and current contributions on topics such as fertility, pregnancy, health & safety, partnership and family life, it offers a wide range of topics, providing that each interested Mommy, what she are looking for. The editorial team is complemented by specialists such as gynecologists, midwives and nutritionists here. In the new Mommy Web Magazine, which also missed an all-round renewal, exclusively high-quality editorial content will be published now. Previously, it was possible to publish articles in the magazine to all users except Mami Web employees. Recently Estee Lauder Companies Inc. sought to clarify these questions. These are now clearly distinguished from the editorial.

For this reason, there will in future be a separate feature for Mommy Web users, where they can represent exclusively their own contributions online. Mommy Web: Mommy Web is that with over 255,000 registered users largest German online portal for mothers and women who want to be there. A new Member of the free community, which was founded in June 2007 registered every two minutes. Mommy Web daily over 10,000 posts will be posted. Mommy Web thus belongs to the largest and most active women-specific websites in the German-speaking world. Mommy Web offers tips from moms and advice from professional women, daily new articles in the mommy Web Magazine and lifestyle blog, contact mothers from the region, practical functionalities (E.g. photo albums, ads, chat room) and the ability to create your own Mommy Web groups with subject-specific or regional alignment. Press contact: Mami-Web GmbH, Natalija Krenz Tel.: + 49-69-4898166-0 E-mail: author: Valerie Dietrich

Converting CAD Data

CAMTEX has established a 24-hour service for the company without internally used conversion tools (Suhl, January 10, 2008) in two of five manufacturing companies is according to a survey of CAMTEX GmbH regularly need to access heavily on design data from CAD solutions from different vendors for processing. Because only a minority of 29 percent of the companies uses special solutions to the largely automated and thus time-saving conversion creates a high overhead in the processing of the data from external CAD systems for internal needs of an average 6.7 hours per project. CAMTEX has established a 24-hour service for the company without internally used conversion tools. It includes in particular the conversion of 3D CAD data virtually all commercially available systems and formats among themselves, as well as the repair of 3D CAD data, for example, for the treatment of surface models for solids. Normally, these orders will be within one working day after the individual customer specifications carried out. But also the feature-based conversion or conversion of 2D in 3D or the derivation of drawings from 3D models belong to the range of services. The fixed prices are guided to the average (uncompressed) file size of all source records. An individual calculation is carried out only in exceptional cases such as when exceptionally poor data quality.

These services are very interesting especially for manufacturing companies with a fluctuating need for conversion”CAMTEX Managing Director Steffen Volkmar is derived from its customer structure. In addition they were tailored to such companies, which for strategic reasons offensive to a minimum depth of production target and therefore transfer requests outside its core competencies to specialized service providers.

Chain Mails Are Often Annoying

Rarely meaningful purpose behind it for many people chain mails are probably an annoying evil. In most cases, their meaning and benefits should be known only to the respective initiators. The Internet portal webmail.de informs about the phenomenon of chain mail. Chain mail work in principle as well as chain letters: A letter or an email reaches recipients with the prompt, it may forward the message to as many other receivers. Unlike in the chain letter forwarding email works at lightning speed. With just a few clicks, the mail to many contacts from the personal address book, or in a social network has been sent. So, certain content can be distributed widely within a very short time.

In the best case, chain mail be used as pointing to a meaningful political concern. In the worst case, computer viruses quickly find spread in this way. Most bizarre stories in the mail but with mystical content part. At the end of a such mail is promised the recipients often some miracle or luck, when he sent the message to other people. In the event that he does not forward the mail, the opposite, for example, an accident or a curse, is threatened him. More information: service/glossary/entry/82 University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann