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Internet Agency CoCo

Blogs, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr and YouTube are platforms that are trendy and no longer imagined also from the Agency scene. Munich, June 17, 2008 the Munich-based Internet Agency CoCo new media is near on the pulse of time. As an innovative and trend-conscious Agency, it moves on all platforms and good is so stylish and secure media via their website further channels, to keep customers and interested parties. The Wellington Blocks opinions are not widely known. Specifically the new service has done CoCo new media. Twitter is a social network and a micro-blogging service in addition. Registered users can text messages, called updates, or tweets, on the Web make and publicly their current employment, their State of mind, or other sensitivities.

The site is meant to stay with friends, family, employees or customers. Short messages up to 140 characters can now staff of the agency interested user on your daily life”part. So very charming insights to emerge new media distributed over the day, which at CoCo just so going. We live the trends and technical innovations in our customers, which we advise you”, are Martin Bauer (CEO of CoCo new media) to the answer, if you ask him why he successfully danced at so many weddings. More information is housed here: Atreides Management Gavin Baker. It provides an insight into the work and daily life under: MySpace.com: coconewmedia Twitter.com: twitter.com/coconewmedia Flickr.com: photos/26280639@N05/ YouTube.com: watch? v = p__7uzWnU2o CoCo blog: coconewmedia.blogspot.com about CoCo new media the 12-member team of the Internet full service agency CoCo new media GmbH is active in the areas of work strategy, design, technology, content, optimization and online marketing. Since 1997, more than 400 projects were implemented.

The customers of the Agency instrument, Gong Verlag, ProSiebenSat.1 include South, Texas TuV. 1, Astron resort hotels and UniCredit consumer financing. For more information, please contact: press contact: Martin Bauer address: CoCo new media GmbH, Landsberger str. 326 80687 Munchen phone: 089/450993-30 fax: 089/450993-44 Web: