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Understnading Why We Forget

With the integration of disciplines as psychology, physiology, neurophysiology, pharmacology, morphology, or molecular biology, among others, you can understand part of the malfunction of some of these systems in degenerative diseases suchas Alzheimer’s or Pick-Korsakov, and traumatic, cerebra-vascular, or infectious. The results of functional studies have revealed that both the number of structures involved, as the network of neural connections involved, the neuro-anatomical, psychological and neuro-psychological memory are very complex, thus not fully explained. So the diseases that affect memory can be caused by an impairment that will cause organic or psychological. Amnesia, confabulation, agnosia, apraxia, aphasia and hypermnesia are some of these diseases. From the psychological point of view, although there are different explanations for the amnesia, at present, which seems to be more relevant is the proposal by Mayes (1988). Suggests that the amnesia is a deficit in the use of contextual information. There is a distinction between intrinsic context, which should be recalled, and the outside context, incidentally what happened when I was learning something. The latter refers to time-space attributes.

According to studies, the difficulties that seem to show the amnesiac in memory of the outside context would hinder the memory of implicit context. From a neurological point of view, it was found that the temporal lobe is related to the functions of storage and retrieval of information. It is a brain area that has suffered few changes during the evolutionary process of mammals and contains two main structures that modulate declarative aspects of memory.