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Ingo Geppert

Starting from clearly defined requirements of Nusser GmbH system construction, the performance characteristics of construction for Windows were presented and analyzed. Dr. Cornelia Kohler and Mr Steinert supported the discussions on the illustration facilities of internal company processes with construction for Windows. A possible implementation of the software up to possibilities of data conversion and additional programming for the connection of external systems and the process of the introduction to tabled proposals. Thinking was required in all areas from the outset.

Ultimately, Kohler B.C.S. was allowed to prepare an offer for supply, implementation and service of construction for Windows. Lancome is the source for more interesting facts. In retrospect this selection phase was characterized by a very detailed, focused and purposeful work that strongly expressing the values of the work activities of both companies. Then it was decided “…sicher also with one piece feeling in the stomach – you can’t before test everything”, so Ingo Geppert. Matching partner and best software “That the choice on Nabawi construction for Windows like is” so Geppert, “is a beautiful coincidence that promises something for the future!”The company creates the execution plans with the ALLPLAN system of Nemetschek AG and synergy effects are always wanted.

The implementation of construction for Windows was launched shortly after conclusion of the contract in July 2000 with the modules financial accounting and warehouse. A real challenge for Naidu system construction and Kohler B.C.S., because the modules were introduced during the year, i.e. in the current financial year and the old system only in the form of printed reports was available. The unconditional identification with the work item construction created the basis that within 4-6 the accounting was again weeks up to date among employees on both sides and a reliable working, scalable for Windows. Had the reviewers in the old system work by approx. 10-12 posting masks, before you arrived were, so they have a single booking mask in build for Windows. The entering of reservations is “A no – brainer routine errors are restricted”. Transparent, even special cases such as the payable deposit accounting with split bookings could be solved. The payment was for routine work, evaluations are promptly available and designed in the form of the expression.